Saturday, February 6, 2010

I had a fire to put out!

Ruby Red

My fire was started post 4:00 in the afternoon on Friday. It was sparked with some ruby red grapefruit…..yummy and delicious, sweet and cold! It was my snack to hold me over until later. I had plans! Plans with the bestie. She and I were going to the movies with some of the girlies to see Dear John…Yes Dear John!
And yes it was great! Luckily we purchased our tickets on line at Fandango because all the shows for Friday night were sold out! It was a beautiful romantic love story which left you hanging at the end but with a creative mind and a common romantic sense you can figure out your own ending! And Channing Tatum…eye candy!    Yes I know I’m old enough to be his mother…       It was a Dear John letter movie where I fueled my fire with buttered popcorn and topped it off with ice cold coke! Yum…what’s a movie without popcorn and coke? Boring! Now I don’t think I know anyone who can eat a large movie popcorn and drink a large movie coke…So we shared in pairs. Two cokes and a bag of popcorn for $15.00…insanity I say! After settling into our seats in the semi-nose-bleed-section, smack dab in the middle of the theater, the place began to fill up quick! The bag of popcorn was so big and bulky that we actually spilled half of it on the floor like a 4 year old and I could not even reach my hand around the drink. Again, like a four year old, I had to use two hands, sit up straight and put on my big girl panties.  Napkins and buttered popcorn just go together but no matter how many napkins you use, you still feel greasy!

After the movie was over and the bladder was comfortable again…the fire had to be punched up a bit. A quick trip to Target and off to Chili’s we go for a quick bite!
A bite of each appetizer that the four of us ordered. Boneless Buffalo wings, queso dip and salsa *my fave*, cheesy spinach artichoke dip, and endless chips… OMGosh…it was so good! OMGosh it was so HOT! Good and hot! 
So my fire is fully fueled and blazing, the esophagus is talking to me, and the tummy is screaming help. At 4:00 this morning it was really raging … a 4 alarm visit with the pink stuff. Now you know how I love pink…but not this shade of pink. Downing a good dose, I prop myself to return to lala land on three pillows. The forest is burning down! The price I have to pay for loving hot spicy food!

Jackie’s 5:00 alarm is going off…the real alarm, the one that wakes you…just when I was finally resting again and the fire was somewhat under control, smoldering at best. 5:00 on a Saturday you ask? ...yes, to go Hog Hunting. Now you can say this with your best British accent and it sounds better than my sweet southern drawl of Hawg Huntin’. Hog hunting…? We have not lost a hog…we don’t even own any! It’s a guy thing, a hunter’s thing…a sportsman’s thing. He can have it! Anything like that, that requires you rise at 5:00 in the morning…he can have it! Plus it’s too cold outside.

Well needless to say I could not go back to sleep after he left. I hope he finds those lost hogs. I stay up and began to write this out and my stomach is reminding me once again it wants some fuel. This time I think I will stick to something safe, mild and easy…toast and a boiled egg. Eggs over easy toast!
I’ll finish the to-go-box of Buffalo wings for lunch.
Am I a glutton for punishment or what?

As the sun comes up it reveals a periwinkle blue sky…a promise of more rain? 
I’ll take what God gives me because each day is a gift and I have unwrapped this one with a smile and a beautifully colored sky.

Keeping it real and uncomplicated…be true to yourself

My word for 2010-Experience
I experienced heartburn.


Sherry said...

Cora, I totally LOVED this post!! You are a woman after my own heart...the hot and spicy, movies with popcorn and coke and the best of friends..Tar-Jay (we have NONE in Canada :( which makes me sad!) and Chili's (we have ONE in Toronto!!). Heartburn in the night and then leftover hot wings to savour today...WELL worth it!

Your husband can keep his hog hunting at that hour in the cold...but your breakfast sounds divine...and something to look forward to for lunch!!

My favourite part of your post? Hands around the popcorn bag and the coke -- the hands of a 4 year old. Prose!!! xoxox

Anonymous said...

Face Book comment from Carolyn Dunn Tolbert:
Cora this post has just totally made my day, which didn't start too good anyway. Thanks for sharing the mystery novel that lead me to the real fire...heartburn... too funny. Love ya girl. Keep writing =)

Holly said...

HAHA! This post is too funny! I'm glad you got the pink stuff down and you are feeling better but you are pushing it with eating more hott stuff today for lunch! Wish I could have gone to the movies with yall.....maybe next time :) loves

A Life In Focus Photography said...

i loved every single thing you consumed!!! especially topped off with a icy coke!

Anonymous said... the way good luck with them "hogs" Jackie!!

Face Book Comment by Carolyn Dunn Tolbert

Anonymous said...

Soooo sorry about your heartburn! I agree, the buttered popcorn was good and I noticed you left off the part about we had so much to carry that two (young) boys that worked at the theatre helped us 'old' ladies carry it to our seats...and that you used some of those napkins to wipe your eyes and nose during the movie.... Yep, you know life can't get any better than that, a good love/tear jerker movie, friends and popcorn! Lets do it again soon! Love ya bestest!


Sares said...

It sounds like a great time for everyone but your stomach! Why is it when we get older the heartburn starts happening? Sometimes I have to eat Tums like candy when all I've eaten is Ketsup! A girl should be able to eat ketsup. I'm glad for the review on the movie, I was wondering. Have a great weekend and stay away from the spicey food!

Liss said...

$15 for 2 large cokes and popcorn is cheap. You pay more that that for one medium coke and popcorn here.

Sounds like you had a great night with some girlfriends.

Southern Cinderella said...

It was good to see you from a distance and wave at the movies! I didnt even see you until Nick said, "Lindsay, some lady is waving at you! Do you know her?" lol. We also ordered our tickets through Fandango. I've never done that before but figured we might as well, because I knew it would be sold out!

I'm glad you and Becky and your other besties had a great time! Have a great weekend!

Christina said...

lol i am so in love with you! this sounded like the perfect evening. and Target too! You are too much like me. I think I need to come on down, and hang around you for a while. we could share a bottle of the pink stuff! lol i am in tears lol at how much alike we are.

Kamana said...

loved this post. could picture you in the movie theatre pocorn and coke and all. :)

jacqueline said...

i want to see that movie...i read the book. so happy to hear that you enjoyed yourself! that's great because you deserve it!

Caroline said... experienced heartburn! But you had fun doing it right? Sounds like the perfect day to me!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

i see the darling Christine here and count me in too...i want to hang out..i think we would have a ball...really cute post..i want to see that movie too... but the buffalo wings's have me worried...and now i'm scared...i am making my FIRST buffalo wings tonight for Super Bowl...

where is that pink bottle?

sandralundyphotography said...

experience : heartburn....too funny! the movie sounds great - i've got a girl's night out at the movies planned for next week. we hope to see Leap Year ;D

Angie Berry said...

Girl, you seriously crack me up!! Your post is too funny!

Glad you were able to spend the day with good friends, good food and a good movie. Sounds like a divine day! I'm just picturing you looking like a 4 yr old trying to drink from that big cup and spilling popcorn on the floor and it makes me laugh out loud! I know what you mean about those big cups... they are definitely two-handers!

Sorry for the heartburn. That pink stuff is my least favorite. But sometimes... it's just worth it! =]

Oh, and I'm really curious about the hogs. Does he really hunt for them? And if so, what does he do with them when he finds them? Hmm.. maybe I really don't want to know!

Have a wonderful week my dear friend~

amelia said...

This was such a fun post :) enjoyed reading it and was just smiling ear to ear. I have heard such great things about the movie, I wonder if I can drag my husband to see it!

Johanna said...

Love this post! :o) and now I really want to go see Dear John.