Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sweet Things

Trying to keep my thoughts positive and of sweet things since Valentines Day is coming up. But despite all the gloomy rain, feeling deprived of sunshine…etc… it’s been hard, but I try. From working on our taxes, such a dreaded chore;  to a stopped up kitchen sink…both of which I have recovered from. After all the numbers were crunched and a bottle of that drain-o stuff;
All’s good!
There are certain things in life we MUST deal with. There are times I don’t know where I’m headed, but I know I’m headed somewhere. I just pray somewhere is good. I’m on to the sweet things in life.
Life is sweet!
When I’m gone from this earth and have made my way to heaven, I want to be one of God’s angels that have an assignment back on earth…you know like on "Touched by an Angel".  I want to return with a mission and instructions from God to help some lost and weary soul find their place. That would just have to be so rewarding and sweet; plus they get to zap from one place to another in a matter of seconds…and they have that angelic glow over there heads! So Cool!
Here’s a sweet thought and vision stuck in my head. My daughter Holly has a young kitty…Baby D. He ate tomato soup the other night. She said he lapped and lapped so hard that he splattered soup everywhere. After he was full-o-soup he looked up at her with red soup spots all over his little face. LOL Can you imagine the site plus imagine a cat eating tomato soup! Oh yeah...he loves boiled peanuts too and hates to go outside! Strange kitty! Here he is with a sweet clean face:

My sweet little friend Southern Cinderella presented me with another award.
She had this sweet message for me:
"Cora at Heartfelt and Homemade* I started reading blogs about a year ago and always wanted a blog of my own, but felt as if my life was boring or I had nothing interesting to talk about. I saw Cora one day in WalMart and we started talking about blogging and how she has one. Cora told me I should create a blog. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be Southern Cinderella! Thanks Cora!  ~ Lindsay"
Thank you Lindsay for those sweet words…and I’m glad you finally jumped into the blogging world with me. Isn’t it fun?  She is young and fun...please pay her a visit!
Now for a sweet thing that was pretty bad. I made some cookies the other night…The Gooiest Chocolate Chuck cookies. Sweet they were, Gooey they were not! They turned out too cakey like. So I will not share the recipe...I will spare you all.

Remember Valentines is just around the corner. Get your cards ready to share, make your list and buy your stamps. Remember that sweet one in your life, young or old. And who doesn’t like chocolate? Chocolate of all kinds: with nuts, without, cream in the center or maybe a cherry...dark chocolate, milk chocolate, mint, raspberry, or Godiva. Ok have I got your sweet tooth’s attention yet and started a craving? Warning: Just don’t make The Gooiest Chocolate Chuck cookies!

And who doesn’t like to be loved?
Stitched in Love

Share a little of yourself with someone special this month.

Send a sweet message in a bottle dropped in the ocean to someone dear to your heart.

Send a balloon message high into the heavens for them.

Love is sweet.


We all have ups and downs in life.  Be they sweet or sour; happy or sad.  
Hopefully mine will be valuable lessons which will mold me
into the person Christ has hoped I would be.
When you are down to nothing ...
God is up to something.

My word for 2010-Experience
I’ve experienced sweetness.


Char said...

my life was made sweeter by you my special friend. it's so sweet and beautiful that i want to keep it forever.

thank you.

jacqueline said...

it really is sweet to have you a part of my life! by the way...i do love chocolate! who doesn't?

Sandra said...

This is probably the most upbeat thing I have read in a long time. You made even this old curmudgeon smile!

country girl said...

Booooh for grown-up things!
Sometimes I find myself responsible for this and having to fix that, and then I stop and wonder, when did I turn into a grown-up?!
Great post. You are such a positive woman.

cinner said...

Cora, I believe you have already touched lives here on earth more than you know. I am grateful for just a few moments a day! Big hug to you and yes I would be your valentine. Have a great day.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said... happy we have met each other..wonderful does have it's ups and downs....the downs are make easier knowing we are all here for each other..kindred spirits....

the kitty is just adorable...

kitty love her too....

enjoyed all of this and YES! your name is in the bucket for the drawing....

sending love, my friend

Angie Muresan said...

What a positive and beautiful post. I love it!

amelia said...

Your blog is like going home, thank you!


I really enjoyed reading your post. You have such a great, up beat attitude. I love the carpenters.... has been a while since I heard them.

Erin Wallace said...

Your blog is a sweet thing! I love the little kitty eating tomato soup - when my now 15 year old cat Stanley was a kitten, he used to love graham crackers. Cats are a sweet thing, too!

Short Southern Momma said...

I totally just tagged you for the same award. LOL

Hope your having a great day! XOXO

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I enjoyed this post so much. I love the way you write. You are going to make an awesome angel someday because you already have such great practice! Have a great weekend! Twyla

A Life In Focus Photography said...

a lesson on loving life no matter if it is a good day or bad, cause you work up this morning,right...we are having the worst snow storm!!! thanks for you words of wisdom...

Kamana said...

you are such a warm loving person. with so much to give. you have already touched so many with our giving heart. enjoy your weekend.

Sherry said...

Another blessed post to touch my heart...loved every.single.word!!!

Christina said...

so beautiful! yes, i am getting the stamps ready.