Friday, November 20, 2009

20/30 days of Gratitude and I'm a Winner!

Before I Had A Dryer......
I am grateful for electricity. I know, I know….everyone is grateful for this. It’s a common everyday thing. Most of the time we do not even think about it much less what we would do without it! But….its a special thing at my house….you see my husband Jackie works for the rural electric co-op which provides our electricity. It’s not only our source of comfort, heat, convenience, and necessity…it’s our source of income and has been for 30 years now! From a lineman to a foreman, Jackie has provided our family with everything we have ever needed or wanted. We have been blessed because of his job, the benefits, and the luxury of having electricity…can you even imagine being without it?
I would have to start using these old clothes pins again… :)
So on this 20th day of 30 days of gratitude
I am very thankful for Jackie and my electricity; in more ways than one.

“Electricity is like God. You can't see Him….but you can see the light.”
Necessity for N
Because Electricity is a necessity in our home!

I’m also thankful for Christina @ Soul Aperture….I was a winner in her Pink Love drawing!! YAY! I got a nice little package in the mail *and who doesn’t love a surprise in the mail* and this is what she shared with me….a bit of her pink love or as I say...
a bit of her pink loveliness. A photograph taken by Christina herself.
Isn’t it just beautiful?

She also sent me a little pink ticket for a free WISH!

I wish…I wish…I wish…………
I wish you would please pay her a visit, you will not be disappointed!

Wow…..I just covered another day of gratitude, the letter “N” for my ABC’s series and have sung praises about Christina @ Soul Aperture! Whew……………!


Char said...

christina is just the best for sure.

love the shot-beautiful work on it.

and, i'm a big big fan of electricity too! :)

cinner said...

Cora, love your gratitude about your husband and electricity. And Christina is such a wonderful soul. I won too but have not recieved it yet...but I am so excited !!!!!!!Cora you have such a wonderful outlook. I love visiting you. Take care.

Southern Cinderella said...

congrats on winning! electricity is so wonderful! one morning during a storm, i just took a shower and right when i went to dry my hair...the power turned off..needless to say i had to let my hair air-dry for school :(..they should've cancelled class. after that incident i'm thankful for a roof over my head, electricity, running water, and a loving family!

Amy said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos - the clothespin shot from today and yesterday's daisy. Love them both!

Angie said...

Love the picture! It reminds me of laundry day at my grandma's house. Up until a few years before she passed away (5 years ago), she didn't use electricity to wash her clothes. She was still using the old hand crank washing machine. My favorite part was watching the clothes go through the wringer. Ah, thanks for the trip down memory lane my dear friend.

Congrats on the win! =]

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

What a cute gift. I have some of those wish tickets; I never thought to pass them around! Have a great day, friend.

Christina said...

when you spoke about your husband and his job, it brought tears to my eyes. i know this kind of love, Cora. And I feel so blessed because of it.
I am so honored that you liked the photo and the wish ticket. you made them look so, so beautiful.