Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sharing My Gratitudes


"The miracle is this: the more we share the more we have."
 ~ Leonard Nimoy
Let’s think a minute about sharing. Growing up we were taught to share. Sharing is a good thing. Each time we donate our time, money, knowledge, and gifts we are sharing.
We share recipes, and craft projects, love, and
kindness through our thoughts, words and prayers.
Jackie shared his lunch this week. I shared some photo how-to’s and where-to’s with a couple of friends. Operation Christmas Child is a sharing program of shoe boxes of gifts for hurting children across the world. A simple act of kindness is sharing! We share with the less fortunate from the abundance we have been blessed with. Thanksgiving this year will be shared with family and friends and with people we don’t even know through
our donations of food and T-shirts for Turkeys programs.

What we receive from our sharing is sheer joy, satisfaction, and love. It gives us a warm fuzzy….it spreads smiles for miles…To know that you helped someone through sharing is a great gift to ourselves and is what we are expected to do for others.
So in this month of being thankful we should also be sharing through giving.
Thanks + Giving!
I am thankful for sharing, caring people.

This photo is an old one of my niece Cassidy; sharing her boiled p-nuts with our dog Rocky…he eats the hulls and all. You can see the delight in her happy face as she ate some and he ate some!
Sharing is for "S"


Char said...

you are one of the most giving people Cora - I can just tell that by reading your blog. Your warmth and specialness just jumps off the page at me. I'm so grateful to have met you in this blogging world of ours. We live so close that we're going to have to make it in the middle some time.

have a beautiful Saturday.

cinner said...

Cora I was thinking how caring you are. I feel blessed to have met both you and Char. This is always a joyous place to come to.

Sares said...

Good for you! It sounds like a worthy cause and there are so many that are in need this year. Thanks for stopping by to visit today, I love hearing from you! Have a beautiful Sunday too!

Kamana said...

i tell my children that sharing is essential for a harmonious world. this was a lovely post.

Mountain Woman of Red Pine Mountain said...

I found your blog through Mom's Daily Retreat. What a most beautiful and inspiring post. Thank you.

amelia said...

Hi Cora, I think the concept of sharing is one of the most important concepts we can teach our children, their toys as children, and greater and greater of themselves as they grow older.
sweet image :)
Hope you are well, we have had such a busy weekend!

Janean said...

oh yes....sharing people are grateful people!

Angie said...

Lovely post, Cora! Don't you just love Operation Christmas Child? Our church does this every year. My 10 year old daughter collects toys year round just for the shoeboxes. She does this on her own and I am just so proud of her for thinking of the less fortunate kids. I seem to forget sometimes...