Thursday, November 19, 2009

19/30 Days of Gratitude

I am grateful for choices….. We all have choices in our lives and make them daily. It is a privilege and a freedom to be able to choose for ourselves. When we mark a ballot…’s our choice! We can choose where we live, eat, worship and have fun. We can make our choice for this or that, bad or good, black or white.
We can choose from a menu, choose a color, to love or to hate, to smile or to frown. Each day we make choices and we are responsible for the choices we make…if we choose to drink and drive then we are putting someone else at risk…if we do not set a good example for our children then we are accountable for their actions too.
Everyday choices matter….we can choose to stay or go, to follow or to lead. To live happily or sad. To help or turn our back and walk away. Choices are our freedom, our privilege…….make them wisely. Today and everyday I am thankful that I can make my own choices and hopefully they will be the right ones.

Grateful that we have Choices


amelia said...

This is lovely Cora, I think when I finally discovered I could make choices and I was responsible for those choices, I truly felt liberated and the need to be responsible!
Some day can you tell me how you put your name on your images?

Sares said...

When you really stop to think of all the possibilities for choices, it can be overwhelming, but then if you think that the option could be taken away...THAT is overwhelming and unbearable. Thank goodness we live in a Country where we have the right to decide! Hope you have a good day with your Dad!

beth said...

you nailed it....EVERY CHOICE MATTERS....boy do they ever !!!

Christina said...

and i so appreciate this.

Angie said...

Beautiful picture... daisies are my favorite flower!

Thank you Lord for giving us free will and choices. Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are that we even get a choice. Thanks Cora, for the reminder!