Monday, November 16, 2009

15/30 Days of Gratitude ...and trying to catch up....

Pumpkin and Spice

I am grateful for my home! Home is where the heart is… betcha! As you turn in our drive way you are greeted by a stand of dogwoods and just beyond that is this bench where you are welcomed to sit a spell. Sunday afternoons are spectacular at home with family! In my home there is the right amount of warm and cool, comfort and coziness, and all things good to eat. We spent the day with Holly, our daughter, at home for the weekend. What more could you ask for? A home is where you can be yourself, relax, nap, cozy up, and just feel blessed in every way! We popped in the DVD of “It’s a Wonderful Life” and watched with appreciation of an old classic. Holly wrapped early Christmas gifts and her kitties played and romped through the paper and wrappings! Our home has its own smell, its own character, and its own way of settling with sounds. We have made it what it is with our personal touches, colors, and memories. Above our front entrance of the porch you will find the words “Joshua 24:15” and above the front door you will find a shabby “Welcome” sign. These are also things that make a house a home! I am very grateful for my home which we have built, nurtured, and are blessed to have because so many cannot say this.
I have better than what I deserve………….

“…… for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”


Char said...

home is such a beautiful place.

i'm so glad you had a wonderful and warm weekend.

Angie said...

As always... beautiful picture!

I love the way your words bring imagery to my mind as I read the account of your home! I would so love to sit a spell in your bench and have a glass of lemonade, visit with you or just sit and marvel at God's creation!