Monday, November 16, 2009

My Simple Things and 16/30 Days of Gratitude

~My Simple Things~

Making someone smile

The space in-between

The smell of baby’s breath


My cupcake printed PJ’s

Holly driving down our drive way

Warm toes/fuzzy socks

...with nuts

Mittens and scarves

Strolling to the mailbox

Old Polaroids 

A fresh clean home

Snow in the south

Holly sleeping in her bed at my house

Tickles and giggles


Pixie elves

Hay in a manger

Lemonade on the porch  

600 thread count

Thrifty finds

Children singing

Laughing Cow Cheese

Losing a pound

Shutter clicks



Seeds sprouting

Vintage Christmas ornaments

Giving of myself

Cotton candy clouds in raspberry blue skies

No cavities

Carrot noses

A warm bath 

The smell of crayons

Jingle bells



Paper chain garland


The words I love you

My simple things are just that…simple. They are the things that I cherish, thoughts that make me smile; things that make me giddy, things that make me jump for joy at the mere sight of them.
They are often so simple that people over look them or not even notice them at all.
My simple pleasures make me happy. And also these are things that
I am simply grateful for too on this 16/30 Days of Gratitude.

You will find the originator of My Simple Things over at
Christina’s blog~Soul Aperture.  Please go over and visit with her...
you will not be disappointed, I promise!
And here's a list of others like me who are sharing their own Simple Things.

I am truly grateful for My Simple List of Things


Side note: I am thankful today that Holly made it back home safely to Louisiana...Praise the Lord!

30 Days of Gratitude


Char said...

oh cora - so much beauty in your list and so much warmth. it gives my tummy a tickle reading them.

sherry ♥ lee said...

Such a joyous list -- the smell of crayons (!) and paper chains (!) -- sweet memories!! Your photographs are delightful!

beth said...

oh yes....a clean home !
maybe I could get one of those pixie elves to come over here and do a little magic on my dust and dirt....

Kelly and Kelly said...

I love the purring too. Can you tell I'm pining for a kitten? Lovely list.

iasa said...

you have a fabulous list. a warm bath, that's a simple pleasure i could go for.

Visually Oriented said...

Beautiful - maybe I should have just copy + paste to my blog - I agree with So much of your list!

Christina said...

stunning! i am in slow motion reading your list. the jingle bells photo brings me to happy tears.

Sares said...

What a wonderful list to be thankful for! I don't know if I could have remembered all of these beautiful things!

I also want to remind you I will be having my Name Party this Thursday the 19th if you would still care to participate. I hope to see you there!

amelia said...

You are such a treat Cora, you images are eye candy and your words warm, thank you!

j said...

such a wonderful your blog!

Shell said...

A beautiful list..purring is on mine as well.

cinner said...

Cora, a wonderful list, I love how you put your photos in there as well.
A warm bath, it is funny but when we get making these lists we really could go on for hours.Take care.

Liss said...

cupcake printed pj's I want a pair!!! :)

Your list is so beautiful.

Southern Cinderella said...

I love your list! I'm like Liss and want some cupcake pj's! The carrot nose snowman you made is in our kitchen and is super cute!! I love my candle holder and cute pink jar too!

Holly said...

love your list! so many things are so true! i just love you! miss you!

Angie said...

I love the pictures of the vintage dishes and Christmas ornaments. Very pretty!

I so enjoyed your list! I think I'm gonna have to sit down one day and come up with one of my own. It's also a sweet reminder for us to enjoy the simple pleasures in our lives! =]

A Life In Focus Photography said...

your list is really a novel...about you. i loved reading it and yes to "laughing cow cheese" just bought some!!!