Sunday, November 15, 2009

14/30 Days of Gratitude

Apples to Apples
14 {30}
Apples to Apples
Like apples, people come in a wide variety of flavors, colors, tastes, brands, and sweetness…..some are delicious some are bitter. Some apples are pretty in their fancy colors but lack the sweet taste that makes them so good. Some are not so lovely in their looks but carry the sweetness of a cute kitten…from Red delicious to Fuji to McIntosh and Gala. And then again there are apples that are just plain, knotty, and sour. Just like apples…so are people……there are all kinds. I was grateful for the kind people that I met this weekend during my craft show exhibit. The coordinators of the show were excellent in their preparations and their organization of the event. I met the kindest volunteers (army people and families) who were ready and willing to help us setup, tear down, and deliver our lunch to us! The other crafters and vendors were very nice too…as we all had something in common…the love of our trade! The shoppers at the craft extravaganza were great too…with their kind comments, oooo and ahhhs, and purchases. The ladies in the booth next door to me were super friendly, nice, and loving. We even traded out our goods with each other! At the end of the long day, we parted with money in our pockets, new friends, hugs and well wishes and very tired feet. That night as I reflected on the day’s experience….I was/am grateful for kind and generous people including my own husband who so willingly helped us set up and take down our displays as well as stay around with us all day. 
Kind people are the "apples" that are sweet in taste no
matter their outside appearances or their fancy names.
Granny Smith would be so proud! 

my gratitudes

More from the craft show later my golden delicious friends!


Traci said...

I have so been enjoying your posts each day, Cora! I hope you don't mind, but I wrote about your blog and put a link in my post to your site. Have a wonderful evening!

Char said...

beautiful!! I'm so glad the event was successful. I know your works had to fly like hotcakes.

hope you got to rest and relax today.

Tracy said...

Hello! My first visit here via Christina of Soul Aperture... You have a lovely blog... and thank you for sharing your sweet moments. Happy Days :o)