Monday, August 2, 2010

A Yearning

Yearning For Fall
I have a present yearning for fall…some cooler weather. That cozy warm season that presents itself with an ending…an ending of one season but a beginning of a new. The changing of colors, the shifting of time. New. We are having temperatures with 3 digits so I won’t even talk about the index, which doesn’t make much sense to me…if it feels like 110 then it must be 110! We have not had any rain for weeks now. It is beginning to show~ the grass is no longer green, leaves are starting to curl, our veggie garden is slowing…almost to a stop. An uncertain time…

In all of us there is a yearning for something. Something that our heart's desire, wants, craves for; for the right reasons; with all good intentions. Do not let your yearning be confused with envy. Envy can be consuming and wicked.

A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.
Proverbs 14:30 NIV

Resentment kills a fool, and envy slays the simple.
Job 5:2

Let our yearnings and desires include Jesus.
My soul yearns, yes, even pines and is homesick for the courts of the Lord;
my heart and my flesh cry out and sing for joy to the living God.
Psalm 84:2 AMP

Seek the Lord and His strength; yearn for and seek
His face and to be in His presence continually!
1 Chronicles 16:11 AMP

Oh how I yearn for a better relationship with Him…one of complete trust and strong faith. A trust that walks with me daily, a faith that carries me through. To trust that He will bring us rain at just the right moment… To have a faith that He will bring us relief from our worries and challenges. This is my prayer. I will "Trust in the LORD with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding" Proverbs 3:5. Especially during these uncertain times.
On The Vine

So… with that, I welcome August, although it will still be pretty hot…its one month closer to fall…Ahhhh… My favorite scent of the year. Fall smells like cinnamon, spices, apples baking, cool crispness, cookies, and nuts! Now have I put a yearning in your pocket?

What I’m likin’ today~

The tease of rain in the cloudy skies

Plans and promises

Pink ink

Kenny G

Swedish Apple Pie~ homemade of course

A quiet country life

Paint on my brush

Living more with less.

Losing count, while trying to count all my many blessings…


Here's hoping you have a blessed day!


Cheyenne said...

I love those warm scents of Autumn too. :)

I can't fathom weather that hot. I'd be lookin' for an ice bath!

Christine said...

Ahhh! You make it sound soooo sweet and pleasant!
For us, Autumn is damp and foggy...
Apple pie sounds good!

Julie Harward said...

You almost have me thinking about fall...but not yet! We have had maybe 2 weeks of real summer, spring skipped us completly. and then we have had so much rain...we haven't even got out of the 89's yet! Fall can wait a bit for me! ;D

Faith said...

I'm having the same yearnin....fall is my favorite time of year....and I look forward to it as soon as it's over..and as you say yearn for it. Your blog conveys much of my thoughts as well, I am happy that I stumbled upnn you...I will ba back....have a wonderful day.

Cindy said...

Hi Cora...hmmm your sense and taste of Fall..yep mine too!!

I can't wait to see you pictures of Fall this year.

Of course here in South Texas the leaves..if they are still green from the hot usummer..go from faded green to brown. I love to travel up to Wendy's in Oklahoma in Ocotber...the drive North of her house is just beautiful!!!

Summer Southern Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Char said...

this summer is killing me. so yes, i'm longing for the crisp air of fall.

loving your lovin'

Leann said...

Hi Cora

Like you I long for the Fall. It's my favorite season. I enjoy everything about it. Speaking of the smells I just bought 3 candles - Granny Smith, Mac Intosh and Hot Apple Pie - mmm...the Fall.

Enjoy your week!

Becca said...

Hello Cora, I'm Becca and I just discovered your blog. I've enjoyed my visit here and plan to visit again. Your post is lovely, and it helped me because living in Las Vegas I haven't seen rain in months and the triple digits are starting to get to me. From reading your profile, it looks like we like a lot of the same things. :-) Hope you'll stop by for a visit sometime. Your photos are beautiful.

Christina said...

yes, losing count of those blessings. ; )
im SO ready for fall.


Although our temps have not been as high as your's... I find myself longing for cool, dry weather also. I am ready to put on some dark jeans and a comfy sweater and walk through some crisp leaves.

I am encouraged by your faith in our Lord.

Angie Berry said...

I am yearning for fall also my friend. I'm trying so hard to not wish my days away because I have been told by many, many people to enjoy each and every day with my little ones while they are still here with me. But I find my mind drifting to those sights and scents of my very favorite season of all!

Anna said...

Oh, such a lovely post in every way.

Cottage Sunshine said...

Beautiful post! :) Found your blog through Gooseberry!

Hugs, Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you