Friday, July 30, 2010

This and That with Some Rules

This is a day for sharing…

A cookbook that I got for my birthday…one that I had been wanting~
Homecooking with Trisha Yearwood.
I also have her first cookbook Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen.
I love them both.

Some beautiful earrings with that antique look that I like.
From Hissyfits Boutique

An awesome Scentsy wax warmer
Jadestone with Sticky Cinnamon Bun, Baked Apple Pie, and Sugar Cookie wax squares….Yum! Makes me hungry.
So now I’ll have to get out that cookbook and flip through all the
wonderful pages with photos and stories to find something to cook.

Baked Spaghetti...Crockpot Candy...Don't they look and sound good?

Low-Country Boil and Key Lime of my faves!
I want to bake something with walnuts and orange cranberries…

Now for some rules...

This is one of the crafty things I have done several of.

Family Rules

These are for sale by custom order with you listing the rules you want. $35.00 plus some shipping. Trays vary in style and design. Please be sure to list your own rules when ordering, if desired.  Each tray should hold 8-10 rules. Please keep them short~ If no rules are listed I will choose for you. Please contact me by email if you have any questions:  Allow 3 weeks to custom complete your order. Simply click on the buy it now button below to place your order. Thank you!

What I’m likin’ today~

Roasted Garlic Hummus with pita chips

Pink Lemonade

Piano music~

The 12 Shiny Brights I found in the original box at the thrift store for 99 cents

Clear thoughts

Clean sheets that I just took out of the dryer

Hummingbirds at my window



My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

i love seeing these cookbooks...
makes me happy

have a wonderful end of july weekend


Christina said...

ohhh, i love it. i have her first cookbook, it is sheer love. the gal can cook!

these are lovely rules. just beautiful.

clear thoughts~ how perfect.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

apple barn cookbook



Traci said...

Your trays are so pretty! Love those earrings, too!
And now I've got a hankerin for some kind of three layered cake - that looks incredible!

Char said...

i think i might go buy myself a treat of that cookbook. she is wonderful.

love your trays and the things you're loving to day. especially sheets and hummingbirds.

Holly said...

Love what you got for your b-day! Great stuff! Sure would be nice if I could get one of those family rule trays...hehe! ;)So glad your having a good weeek. Miss you!

angelina said...

georgia cookin! i neeeeeed that!
and some cornmeal...

Elaine said...

I woke up hungry and you have this great cookbook with yummy things..
will need to checkout the book.
The tray of rules is just what we all need.
Have a pleasant day.

Anonymous said...

oh that looks like a cookbook i have to get my hands on!

Sares said...

It sounds like there are some yummy recipes in that cookbook. The earrings are very pretty too! I also like your family rules trays, they're very creative! I wish you much luck and I hope you have a great week Cora!

Angie Berry said...

I saw her cookbook at Sam's a few months ago and almost bought it. Sounds delicious! Beautiful earrings and I'm sure they will look gorgeous on you!

Scentsy is awesome!! My MIL has bought me three warmers now from them and I just LOVE them! I'm having a party this month and can't wait to load up on scents, especially for the fall and Christmas seasons. The ones you have listed sound delicious!! The only thing about those scents is that it gets you in the baking mood ALL the time. Hmm... I guess that ain't so bad!