Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Love

Loving summer …

But not the heat. 
I do love~
bare feet.


feet with flip-flop tan lines.

fresh veggies. from my own garden.    

afternoon thunder showers with rolling rumbles.

lemonade. only fresh squeezed.
lime is good too.

a camera in my hands held to my eye.

big fluffy white clouds.

oversized t-shirts. shorts. flip-flops.

polka dotted flip-flops. lots of flip-flops.

a fresh hair cut.

water. air conditioning. thank you Lord.

a good book….a love story…a story of days gone by.


a cool shower. soap. bubbles. lotion.

blooms. longer days. cool afternoons. the smell of a just cut lawn. green grass.

                   babies. blue babies. learning to fly. mama near by.

         my porch.

a beautiful white beach with no tar balls.

trips. trips that take you no where.



ice cold watermelon. spitting seeds.

those moments you think you’re funny.

pretty painted toes.

vbs. little kids. crafts for kids. kool-aid and cheese curls.

sprinklers. fishing. ice cubes.
kool-aid ice cubes

visits with old friends. fond memories. catching up. time stands still.

I spent my morning with an old friend from my high school days. The hours turned into years of catching up. Remember when? Remember that? How is……? Where are they now? How are you? You look great! She was the really smart one in school. Top of our class. She is the doctor now…infectious diseases are her specialty. While she was still going to med school she would always asked me… “who would want to marry me being a doctor?” And my answer was always… “Another doctor.” So what did she go and do…marry another doctor!! She was in my wedding, I was in her's.  We rarely get to see each other because of their work. They live in Virginia and have two beautiful daughters.

What a fun visit….after many hugs, and “I love you’s”, she had to go with a promise of a visit the next time they are home to Alabama!!
Time stood still if only for one morning.

summer is good. life is good. sweet summer time.

did i mention i love flip-flops?
Credit where credit is due: google search, photobucket, & prim country graphics.
Photos that are mine: hydrangeas, veggies, potatoes in bucket and beach.


Mama Holli said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos!!! Can smell the flowers,taste the fresh veggies and feel the warm sun!
Perfect post once again my friend!
I am posted up your photos to share on Midchix in the Chix Who Click Flock! They will LOVE them!
Later Gator!

Mama Holli said...

Direct Link to the post.......

Char said...

oh...i love all your lovin' i do. and i'm rocking cute flips from clarks today with a cute leather flower.

Cinner said...

Cora, I love your list and thank god for air conditioning. I had to agree. and I love flip-flops too. Glad you are well. It is nice to visit with old friends and remember those old days. lol. hugs to you.

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

This post made me smile :) If only I was so lucky to have air conditioning, though!

Christina said...

i love it! i am lovin your list. and yes, flip flops.
ps: thank you for the pie recipe. wink!

Anonymous said...

this was such a happy post! great things on that lovely list! and i LOVE your photo of the potatoes!

Erin Wallace said...

I love everything you mentioned about summer - especially the flip flops and bare feet. Summer is just wonderful!

Stop by my blog tomorrow - you've been tagged, but I'm not posting until tomorrow!

xo Erin

Sewn With Grace said...

Love it all, you speak my language! Have a wonderful weekend!

Julie Harward said...

Yes, I finally now call them flip teen daughters laughed every time I called them thongs!
Your morning with a friend sounds wonderful as do all your summer love's! I would add from here...the smell freshly cut big dog loving to swim in the river...the deer that run across my path on my morning walk...fudge cycles.And so much more! :D

Leann said...

Ditto on all the likes of summer! And how great that you got to catch-up with an dear friend.

Enjoy those flip flops.


Manda said...

Fun, Fun, Fun... love summer. LOVE IT, especially because I wear my good ol' flip flops. xo

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Summer is my favorite season! I love the free and easy feeling and I think it goes back to my childhood days of being out of school. Thanks for all the wonderful images of summer. Twyla

Angie Berry said...

Gorgeous hydrangea! The veggie photo is so colorful... makes my mouth water for some fresh veggies!

I love your summer list. I very much dislike the heat, but these things I very much enjoy about summer!

I'm so glad you were able to catch up with an old friend. Don't you just love how you can pick up where you last left off no matter how many years it's been. I'm so thankful that God blesses us with good friendships. I'm thankful for the friendship He has formed in us! Yes my dear friend, life is good!!