Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Secret’s in the Sauce

A famous quote by Sipsey (Cicely Tyson)  from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes.  One a my very favorite movies.   Anyway....the sauce does make a difference!
What do tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, and spices have in common? Well, combined together with a few other great things, they make a great spaghetti sauce. With fresh tomatoes being plentiful right now, it’s a good time to whip up a batch of homemade spaghetti sauce for dinner supper. Here’s how I made mine:

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

Use your own judgments as to quantity and taste.

~Fresh tomatoes, peeled with seeds removed, removing all the seeds and juice. This cuts down the thickening time down of the sauce. 
~Fresh valdia onion, chopped
~Fresh bell pepper
~Fresh garlic minced
~Rosemary, I used a rosemary garlic blend
~Italian seasoning
~Sugar- small amount
~Salt and pepper
~A good shot of Worcestershire sauce
~A small amount of crushed red pepper, more if you like it hot!

While peeling and deseeding your tomatoes, place them in a colander for further draining. Crush the tomatoes in a food processor. Place in a large pot and begin cooking at medium temp. Chop onions in food processor. Chop bell pepper by hand. Add onions, bell pepper and all other ingredients to the tomatoes. Bring to a boil reducing heat to low and simmer for an hour or so until the sauce thickens. If you like a thicker pastier sauce you can add a small can of tomato paste if desired.

Add some cooked Italian Sausage and angel hair pasta noodles to your sauce and you have a great meal. You can really taste the freshness!

Got bread? Here’s a good one
Enjoy your meal!

~ "There is enough for all. The earth is a generous mother; she will provide in plentiful abundance food for all her children if they will but cultivate her soil in justice and in peace."
~ Bourke Coekran

What's for supper at your house tonight?


Cindy said...

Cora this looks delicious! I have been wanting to make some of my own sauce..I never could find a recipe..this looks great!!I will try it next week.

Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Char said...

yum!!! i want to dive into this and swim while sucking up noodles. LOL

i have to try it.

Julie Harward said...

LOL..oh Miss Piggy, what a cute quote! Your sauce looks just wonderful and I'll bet it tastes awesome! That has got to be better than what comes from a bottle or can! :D

Leann said...

Hmm I soo love homemade sauce. I'm pulling out a batch that I made and froze last month. Dinner here tonight was out at a local Italian restaurant!


Erin Wallace said...

I love making spaghetti sauce - everyone has their own way of making theirs and it's fun to see what other people's sauce tastes like. Yum!!!

xo Erin

Susan said...

Hmmm, I hope your sauce didn't contain Sipsey's secret! hehehe. That's one of my very favorite movies, too, and one of my favorite books. One of those rare instances when they actually got the movie just right. Miss Fannie Flagg must have had a hand in producing it.

Your sauce looks delicious and you forgot to list that one ingredient that makes it all come

Sewn With Grace said...

I have always wondered how to make sauce from fresh tomatoes. I'm very excited to try this! Thank you!

Kathleen Grace said...

This looks so good! I can't wait until the tomatoes in our garden are ripe! I'm just catching up on your blog and saw the pie safe you redid and filled with quilts. I think I have pie safe envy now:>) Love it!

Traci said...

What's for supper? I haven't even had breakfast, but after reading this, I'm already thinkin bout supper!
Catching up on my blog reading and your garden must be spectacular - love the photos!

Traci said...

Forgot to tell you how much I LOVE your new blog header! Beautiful!

Amelia said...

Oh I can't wait to try this recipe, thank you for sharing it! Happy 4th of July from Sedona!

Sares said...

It looks mighty delicious! I'm afraid mine comes out of a jar. Yours sounds much better!

Linda Stubbs said...

I saw your blog over at GP. Thought I would come for a visit. Found your wonderful recipe for Homemade Spaghetti Sauce. We made one last year, but this one looks wonderful. I am going to try it. Thank you so much for the recipe and beautiful blog.

Blessings, Linda

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

This is perfect... the Secret is in the sauce :-)

Fannie Flagg did have a hand in that movie~ We'd know!

Angie Berry said...

I love that last quote by Bourke Coekran. How very true. I have been spending lots of time in the soil these past couple of weeks thanks to me being home now. It feels so good and nourishes your soul. I just love to smell fresh dirt. It is a wonderful experience and one I'm so thankful God is allowing me to experience!

My MIL is a full blooded Italian. She used to make her own sauce too but now that she is alone, she doesn't cook like she used to. My husband has been on her to hand us some of those good ol Italian recipes but she hasn't shared yet. Your sauce sounds so delicious! That's exactly how I garnish my sauce... Italian sausage and angel hair pasta and of course cheese garlic bread! =]

Christina said...

one of my favorite movies!
i gotta try making this. i have tried the bread but never seen these rolls.