Monday, May 10, 2010

Sharing My Special Day…

Mother's Day From Holly

A day shared with loved ones…smiles all around.

Love and hugs. Coolness filled the air from overnight.
A perfect day.

Fresh carnations from a little child’s hand. Praise and worship.
A packet of seeds for taking "thyme" to make a difference…
A candy bar because God deserves "Mounds" of praise.
Lily Love
Wrapping paper torn open as smiles flow out. More hugs and I love yous.

A meal shared around the table all prepared with loving affection.
Stories told
 news updated
laughs lifted
Girl giggles.

Embracing, touching with hands and words.

Fresh flowers delivered from afar.
Lilies For Mama

 Loving chats long distance.
So many miles away but very close in my heart.

Wishes made.

Prayers said.

A warm honored feeling.
Tired sleep with joy and a smile and much gratefulness.
I hope all you mothers had a wonderful day too.
Lily Pink

Happy Monday
Praising God

Lilies from Holly


Cindy said...

Beautiful Day..thoughts and words that were shared with us! Thank you.

Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Julie Harward said...

Ilove Mothers Day, and the older I get the MORE I love it! Yours sounds just perfect, I'm so happy it was a good one. Come say hi :D

Holly said...

Your Lilies are beautiful just like you! I'm so gld you had a wonderful day. Missing you!

Bev said...

lovely photos, lovely day...we are truly blessed to be mothers, aren't we??...
god is good...

Christine said...

Beautiful! Sounds like you were blessed in every way!

Michelle said...

So glad that you had a beautiful day, beautiful flowers, and a beautiful Savior!

Sares said...

It sounds like you had a great day! Your previous post was beautiful, your Mama and your Daughter must be VERY special indeed. I have always loved that "Conversation With God" too and kept a printout for many years. Have a terrific week Cora!

Mama Holli said...

So happy you had a wonderful day! Holly is a lucky girl!! I LOVE HER NAME!!!!! HA! I am just oh so funny!
Listening to your music and it is making me HAPPY!

Manda said...

Beautiful days = A beautiful Life
Bless you, Cora!

Christina said...

so glad you had a sweet day. i was thinking of you.

Elaine said...

Beautiful flowers and gracious words to inspire and reflect on.

amelia said...

so glad you had a wonderful mothers day. I discovered that I have changed this mothers day! It used to be that buying me a kitchen appliance was off limits on this day- this year my husband surprised me with a new KitchenAid! My heart melted and I swooned on the spot- then the kids and I broke it in my baking a batch of cookies- it was just such a warm mothers day for me- doing what I love most with the people I love most!

Cinner said...

Beautiful, glad you had such a lovely day. the photos are gorgeous. take care, glad you are well.

Cinner said...

Cora, I left an award for you over at my blog today, it reminded me of you as soon as I recieved the award.
your daughter Holly is a gorgeous, beautiful young lady. take care, have a great day.

Angie Berry said...

Sounds like a most wonderful day! I'm so glad that even though Holly wasn't with you on Mother's Day that you still had a great day. The flowers she sent are gorgeous!!