Friday, February 12, 2010

Love's Fluffy Sweetness

Love's Sweetness
~Love’s Sweetness~

Sugar and strawberry cream
Gentle kisses with soft whispers
Milky icing of a cupcake dream.

Fluffy sweetness of endless love
Spoken warmly from rosy lips
Sent from the heavens up above.

Being only mine…
Two hearts~One love
Through to the end of time.

Love is in the air… you feel it…can you see it? Cupid is shooting his arrow straight to our hearts. We are loving the simple things in life…we are loving hanging out here in bloggerville with friends and sharing our thoughts and ideas. And I love that it is snowing. Yes I said snowing…in the deepest southeast corner of Alabama. A rare thing for us to see …and so beautiful none the less. One of my recent posts was about spring...well boy was I rushing it a bit...wishful thinking is more like it.  It started early this morning with heavy sleet as Jackie left to go to work...waiting to see if there are going to be any power outages. Shortly after he drove off, it began to snow and got heavier and heavier. It is beginning to accumulate; our back deck and roof are covered. The ground is beginning to turn white. So a Snow Day we have! I will soak it up for all that it is worth and enjoy it. Beauty is all around me.

Mr. Red Bird
 I see Red Robins, a pair of Cardinals, and a little Wren bouncing around wondering what all this white stuff is invading their southern hemisphere. Talk about sticker shock!

It's snowing in the South!
Icy Snow
Snow Day 2-12-2010
Now I know all you snow-bird friends are laughing at me because this is a common thing for you…but you have to understand how rare this is in LA..Lower Alabama! My few inches of the fluff do not compare to the amount you get to play in...but I’ll take it. As I look outside I see that it has covered my little garden...and just when my English peas were beginning to break the dirt. I believe the broccoli will be OK as well as the onions. But I don’t really know…I’ve never had snow on my crop!  *Please note that when I snaped these shots this morning...they only show light coverage.  It is still snowing and coming down heavy now and forecasted to continue through early evening with a hard freeze tonight* WOW...

Thank you for all the encouragement and good luck wishes for the opening of my Etsy Shop. I’m really excited about it.  I'm aware I have to be patient knowing I won’t become a millionaire overnight…maybe in a few years...but not overnight.

I’m headed off to make chili in the crock pot for tonight, hoping we don’t lose power as it is really coming down heavy. They have already closed all the county roads and I’ve lost the signal to my satellite TV. I hope everyone has a beautiful Valentines Day. Sending lots of love and sweet dreams your way…Butter cream frosting and chocolate cherry filled hearts, everything SWEET, and some of the biggest snow flakes I’ve ever seen! Stay warm in your heart.
Snowflake kisses...
Snow 2-12-2010
Living more with less.

My word for 2010-Experience
I experienced Heavy Snow


Char said...

it's still coming down here too. with no signs yet of letting up. the ground is covered but the roads are what i'm worried about as they are very saturated and wet..and the temperature is dropping.

stay safe and warm.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Chili sounds perfect for a day like this. We've had some snow too, but nothing like you're getting. Congratulations on your etsy shop! I hope you are very successful. Happy Valentine's Day! Twyla

Christine said...

That is such a pretty picture of the cardinal on the ledge!
Enjoy the snow while it lasts! I love your poem too! Happy Valentine's

Hissyfits Boutique said...

Girl, can you believe this snow?! You take awsome pictures! I need someone to take photos of my boys and the girls and jewelry line. You interested?

A Life In Focus Photography said...

a very Happy Valentine's Day to you dear...yay for snow...right?

Sares said...

Luck you, you've got some snow! EVERYONE has snow but me. Alright, I'm tired of complaining. I would rather have none than the blizzard conditions so many are having. I hope your peas make it through alright, poor little things. Your cupcake poem was so sweet Cora! Congratulations on your shop too, I hope it will be a great success!

Nobody Puts Mama In A Corner! said...

Oh how I love this blog!!! Just found you today!!
Oh Happy Day!!!
Posting you up!
I will send you the love link!
Mama Holli

Nobody Puts Mama In A Corner! said...

O.K. Mama Cora!!!
I have posted you up on my blog today!!! I hope you like the post! I love it!!! Your blog is delightful and makes me happy!!!
Have a great Saturday!

Kathleen Grace said...

Enjoy the snow Cora:>) You have no idea how jealous us snow birds are that you can see your garden coming up!

Angie Berry said...

I'm so glad you are getting to experience this! How wonderful for you! When there is a fire in the fireplace and a pot of chili on, snow is the best thing that can happen in my opinion!

I'm loving your cupcake picture, they look delicious!! Yum! Your poem is so sweet too.

I love the way cardinals stand out in the snow, one of my favorite scenes. Your snow pictures are beautiful!

Erin Wallace said...

My mom told me that she heard on the news that every state in the US has snow somewhere. Isn't that amazing? What a winter!

I love your blog, it is something that I look forward to reading and your photos are always wonderful. Great work!

amelia said...

I just can't believe how much it snowed down there. Mother had inches at her house and was worrying about losing power- the deep south just isn't used to this!

Redneck Junkers said...

Wonderful writing. We could see it all in our minds eye. Stay warm Cora. Our toes are frozen up here!
Dana, Darla & Greg
the Redneck Junkers


I have been looking at snow for months now... But I can imagine the wonderment of getting it in an area that usually sees none. Enjoy your sweet snow. Snuggle up with your chili and take it all in.

Purvail said...

I'm so glad others are enjoying the snow we have during our winters here in Michigan. I happened by your blog and thought I'd say Hi and what do I see in the pot is my daughter Gwen had wrote a note.

Have a good week Elaine

Mama Holli said...

My pleasure!!! Did I tell you how much I love cardinals? Well I do!!! They don't visit me here in Colorado but in Texas I saw one every single day!
Your photo is beautiful! Have a blessed day! I will be back tomorrow!

Holly said...

I want a cupcake.....looks so yummy. love the snow pics!