Monday, December 7, 2009

Unwrapping Christmas Memories

Reflecting on Christmas' Past
Christmas at my Grannie and Grandaddy's 1962
Thats me on the left... the giggling blonde

A friend reminded me of how Christmas spurs the memories of the past. Each ornament we place on the tree that is so special, some given to us in love, and others we purchased to commemorate a special event or time in our lives. The ones which we seem to cherish the most are the ones from our childhood…..the ones that actually made it through the years….then there are the ones made by our own children. Handmade with pipe cleaners, little bells, fuzzy balls, and paper snow flakes…some centered with their sweet photo. Ahhhh…a walk down memory lane….
Capturing time and holding it still for the moment.
What a joy it is to have photos from days gone by too...

Me and my big sister with our baby dolls and strollers

Unwrapping some Christmas memories…..

Christmas Eve at Grannie and Grandaddy’s
Paper chain garland
A little tree in our bedroom
Matchboxes wrapped like gifts as ornaments
A silver Christmas tree with blue glass balls
A visit with Santa at Sears
TV trays
HUGE colored lights
“…but Santa will not stop at our house if we are not at home!”
Christmas shows on TV…the animated ones!
Lots of icicles
Taking an ornament to school for the class tree
Thinking we heard Santa’s reindeer outside
Cousins jumping on the mattresses on the floor
Using the “good” china
Cutting paper snowflakes
A Barbie house
Cake made from all kinds of fruits….YucK!
Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus!

Sit a moment and let your thoughts go back to a time more simple…your Christmas childhood. Let the memories flow and jingle all the way.

Me and my big sister by the tree~1962

Christmas sister, brother and me with our Santa gifts....
It was warm that year and Daddy was doing contract work in
Africa and Mama took this photo to send him.

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The drawing will be tomorrow, the 8th of December.
I can't wait to see who wins!

I look forward to each day with you!

Merry Memories!


Char said...

oh how i remember some of these - i have two ornaments that were on my childhood tree and I treasure them. i can remember my mom talking years later about my father staying up all night to put together my barbie house.

Cinda McLendon said...

Cora, I love your Christmas pictures! I remember Barbies, baby strollers and the excitement of seeing what Santa brought. I have ornaments that Wyndi and Whitney made in elementary school on my tree....Merry Christmas!

Angie said...

What sweet, sweet pictures!! I love the first one where most eyes are on you... makes me wonder what you're up to! Lol! Isn't it wonderful how we can look back over the years and realize how we were so blessed then, just as much as we are now. God is so good and so faithful to us! Thanks for sharing your Christmas memories of the past. I enjoyed them!

Have a wonderful week, my dear friend~

Sares said...

What a wonderful post full of Christmas memories! The pictures are beautiful too. I sometimes wonder if kids today will look back and appreciate and feel the sense of wonder we did years ago. They seem to be bombarded with so much all year long these days. You wonder if Christmas is really that special for them or just about getting "stuff".

Thanks for the heads up about the loading speed of my blog. I took some things off but have come to the conclusion it may be my extra widgets, the Christmas tree and snow and such. None of which I'm willing to part with just yet. So please don't abandon me yet! I told Auntie A I would chop down the Christmas tree as soon as Christmas is over and lose the snow when I see some of the real stuff fall! I know, I'm pathetic right, Lol! Have a super day and thanks for the visit.

Christina said...

oh honey, this is so, so beautiful! it's so true, each and every ornament has a story.
look at you smiling away! so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Cora, Those old photos are so touching!! It is amazing how time and memories take us back!
God Bless!
Janan Doster

cinner said...

Cora what a lovely post. love the pictures you have to treasure. take care. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

such extraordinary pictures!!! love them...thank you so much for sharing. my seventeen year old said they are wonderful.