Friday, December 18, 2009

Sharing an Idea and some Christmas cheer...

For you Cricut users out's an idea for sharing your homemade goodies in jars with a personal touch.  I made round labels for the tops of my jars.  The label gives the name of what is in the jar along with a Christmas wish and the date.
I'm sharing my homemade strawberry jam, my homemade apple butter, and nuts & berries.  I also made some Cinnamon Honey Butter too.

Here's how simple it is.......

I used the circle shape from the Plantin Schoolbook Font Cartridge

I measured the inside top of the flat lid~a wide mouth measures 2 1/2 inches across.
 I gathered some pretty and festive scrapbook papers and started cutting.

I cut out lots of circles.......
and more circles.........

I wrote on the circle cut-out with my Sharpies *love sharpies*!
Then I glued them down with a little of Martha's glitter is the right
thickness without being too wet.  Just make sure you go all the
way to the edges of the circle with the glue. I used my finger to smooth it out!
Add some ribbons to brighten the jar up and presto! 
You have a beautiful personal touched label on your goodies.

Now for those who want to know what is in the Nuts and Berries jar.......
Some things that are right yummy and good for you.  After I baked my pumpkin from October I saved and roasted the pumpkin seeds with a little EVOO and some Kosher salt.....added to these were roasted walnuts, sea salted almonds, golden raisins and Craisins...sweetened cranberries.  The mixture is divine!
Just the right amount of sweet and salty all in one.

Here try some!
Yesterday I went shopping.....blah....yuck!
I did manage to find my happy place.....An antique mall.
Land of Cotton Antique Mall in Dothan, AL. My kind of place. 
Here's what I found:

Pixie Elves!  From anything made in Japan anymore?
Aren't they just cute.  I've added these to my collection!

These are the cutest vintage cut-outs.  Printed on both sides,
one side dull and one side shiney.  They are 14" BIG!
I also found an antique Campbell's Soup Christmas Tin.
PS~There's a thrift store right next door to this mall... YaY!
 Pink Christmas
I also found this vintage PINK ornament.
*swooning over the lovely pink*
Pink Snow

~Merry Christmas~

Enjoy your Holiday Crafting and Thrifting!

Remember this: 
"Giving in it's purest form is expecting nothing in return."
Quote from the movie "Secret Santa"


Christina said...

I'm swooning over this pink too!
I am in love with this post. Those are just jars of homemade goodness!
: )

amelia said...

wow, that pink is divine! I am also a lover of sharpies :-)
My package arrived and just made my day- filled with so many fun things, I loved opening each one- thank you so much- this was such a treat!

Sares said...

Your pixie elves are adorable! You are so funny saying you found your Happy Place! I have to shop tomorrow and am afraid I may not have luck finding mine! Happy Christmas to you Cora!

P.S. Love your lid labels!

Melissa Cornell said...

Cora, Love your comment on my ornament...Your blog is lovely!!!!
Cant wait to read more about it.
Merry CHRISTmas!!!

Anonymous said...

what sweet handmade gifts!

cinner said...

What a wonderful post. love the jars. i wish I had a cricet. I love the last quote.

Kathleen Grace said...

Very cute labels, I'm just dying for one of those cricut machines!

A Life In Focus Photography said...

what a lovely blog you have cora..and i love the pixies! remind me of when i was young, my mom had one. God Bless you honey this Christmas. thanks for stopping by my blog...

Angie Berry said...

Wow!! This post came at the most perfect time! It has been a busy, busy week (well, month!) for me. So I haven't had time to make my jelly yet. That is on my agenda for tomorrow. I decided to finally take some time for me this afternoon... I laid down to take a nap! The last thing I remember thinking as I fell asleep was "How can I decorate my jelly jars?". I was thinking about homespun. But I LOVE your labels! My daughter loves using the cricut, so I think we'll get it out make some festive labels and tie homespun around the jars. Thanks so much for such a cute and homey idea!!

Your finds are so sweet! I adore vintage Christmas! I can't believe the cut-out is in such good shape!

Thanks for sharing. Wishing you and your family a most blessed Christmas surrounded by loved ones!

Angie Berry said...

The reference in my latest blog about being sorry about "pink" was mainly said for you, my dear Cora! =] I know how much you LOVE pink!

I forgot to put a few pictures on my post so I added a few. Have you seen the little GBP cookbook ornaments? I hadn't seen them. A sweet friend got me one this year. Check it out. It is adorable!

How fabulous that you will be spending the week with Holly! That's wonderful.. hopefully you can hit up a Hobby Lobby and maybe an antique mall or two!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Good morning, friend! I love the pink. This year I've decorated with a red/white primitive candy cane theme. Some year I hope to break out of my box and go with funky pink and blue. I don't see that happening too soon though :D

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. It's been fun getting to know you. And may God richly bless you in the new year.

Anonymous said...

LOVE those Pixie Elves!!!! Curious....did they have anymore???? Thanks!

Cora said...

Yes...there were several vendors that had some of different sizes..etc.
I love them too :)

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