Monday, November 9, 2009

9/30 Days of Gratitude

The Calming of The Storm
9 {30}
I’m am grateful today that Hurricane Ida has now been down graded to a tropical storm and has spared the New Orleans area. My daughter Holly, and her Coast Guard husband, Richard live on the west bank of NOLA. The Venice US Coast Guard station is flooded but they evacuated yesterday and secured everything for safety. There will be potential flooding in other areas and heavy rains, but they have been spared once again.
And for that I am truly grateful. When prayers go up…blessings come down. Thank you Lord for listening to our heart strings and calming the storms that come our way.

Note: The above photo was taken in Venice back in September when there had NOT been any heavy rains! So you can see the great possibility for flooding in that locale.

Grateful for answered prayers


Angie said...

Yes! Thank you Lord for taking care of those we love and for calming our hearts in times of storms!

Dani said...

That's a pretty incredible photo!

cinner said...

Cora, it is an amazing photo. I am so glad your prayers were answered, I like when you said when prayers go up, blessings come down.////and with me not feeling good your little turkey brought a chuckle again. Thanks! be well.

holly said...

thanks for the prayers. it didnt do much here at the house...just wind and rain but station venice got lots of rain and water. richard will be home until friday. so nice to have him home for a couple of days even if it takes a small storm coming through! loves you!