Sunday, November 8, 2009

8/30 Days of Gratitude

High Cotton
8 {30}
“High Cotton” is a Southern term expressing the best of times and meaning that all is going very well. I was raised where the grass is green most of the year. My parents taught us to give it all you have when you tried to achieve a goal. There was always love in mama’s hands and heart and a light in daddy’s eyes. They always kept us warm and fed….we lacked for nothing in the basic-ness of life. We were always looking ahead…never looking back…running barefoot through the fertile planted fields near home. We spent Sunday mornings in church and never worked on this day. When it came that time in our lives to leave home….it was the hardest thing to do!
I’m still living in “high cotton” and hope I never have to leave.......
all is well.
I'm grateful for the way I live my life.

Thoughts and words inspired from the song “High Cotton” by Alabama
Listen and watch here:  Alabama - "High Cotton": "Alabama 'High Cotton' music video from the CD, Southern Star" 


Southern Cinderella said...

That is a good song, and a good way to live life. What time is the craft fair next weekend? Is it all day or just in the morning?

Sares said...

Beautiful thought, to live in high cotton, not with the pokey thorns, but lots of the fluffy white dreamy stuff! Have a beautiful high cotton Sunday!

Char said...

ahhh, yes - high cotton. so you don't have to break your back and bend over. that's easy picking.

great shot.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I've wondered what the term high cotton meant. I love reading your graditudes; this is a terrific idea.

amelia said...

lovely image- when I visit your blog, I feel like I am back home in Georgia- I miss the green grass and trees. This Phoenix desert has just not grown on me :)

O. Joy said...

You know I just love this!! Beautiful shot!!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I never tire of the seasonal beauty of cotton.