Thursday, November 12, 2009

12/30 Days of Gratitude

Memories Forever
12 {30}
I am grateful for memories. The memories of our past get stored in that little filing cabinet in our brain….but sometimes the drawer gets stuck. Photographs play an important part in our recollection of memories. There have been many times blogging that someone’s photo spurred a precious memory of mine. I am grateful for my cameras and the ability to capture these moments for later in life. I am also grateful for my scanner….as it will secure my old photos in the new-age digital manner. Hopefully the pictures will not fade as rapidly as my memory will. I am thankful for all the memories and images that are held in my mind, on paper, and my computer.
If one fails I pray the other will prevail!

 Precious Memories

Note:  in these old photos are my Daddy, Mama, sister Linda, brother David, and my Grandaddy Sam, Sorry Grannie...didn't mean to leave you and all my other loved ones out!


cinner said...

Beautiful memories, I have not looked at my photos as much as I have since my Dad passed away in the spring. Glad I have them. I love your photo today. beautiful. have a great day Cora.

Christina said...

your photo above, is gorgeous.
i keep the memories for love and for the kids.
i love the idea of giving them something, as special as this.

Amelia said...

Beautiful, photos are a special part of the memories we take with us. I lost all of my photos of my life prior to 21 in a house fire- so I have no baby pictures, high school pictures etc. I have learned that the heart will recall and the value of storing images in a way that they can never be lost!