Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11/30 Days of Gratitude

God Bless America
11 {30}
I am grateful today for our Veterans on this 90th Veterans Day in the U.S.
They have made the ultimate sacrifice for our lives and our country…..
something that everyone is not capable of doing. We should all honor and recognize those brave men and women who answered the call for our freedom.
Save a place inside your heart for them today and everyday!
Thank you one and all.
“There should never be a forgotten war, or a forgotten veteran. And let us reach out to the families of those now deployed and express in deeds rather than just words the thanks of a grateful nation.” ~ TheDailyCougar

Grateful for Our Veterans


holly said...

thanks to all the veteran's!

amelia said...

my heart is full, this is just lovely- I hope that our veterans are feeling all of the love today!

cinner said...

Cora, that is a beautiful post!

Sares said...

I agree completely. I cannot imagine the small sacrifices they make each and every day to keep our country and our freedom safe. Happy Veteran's Day and God Bless!

Angie said...

Beautiful tribute to our Veterans Cora, thank you! I love the photo, too!

About Gooseberry... I love them too! Their blogroll is where I found your blog. Imagine that! =] How funny that you are in the same cookbook as me right now! Yes, it is a small world... I hope you win the contest.. or me! Haha!

Christina said...

a beautiful tribute!

Terra said...

This is the BEST artwork, beautiful and very American and patriotic.
I agree with your words. Well done.