Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quilts, Quilted, Quilting…..and more

 "A day patched with quilting seldom unravels"

When we sleep under a quilt, we sleep under a blanket of love.
Don’t you just love a good quilt…old, new, raggy, bright, pieced, appliquéd, all sewn together with love, talent and lots of patience! ---Patience which I do not have!--- I like projects that do not take long to complete. I started a quilt years ago and my mother-n-law had to finish it! I’ve since started another one because a dear lady I used to work with was always quilting and I thought it would be fun ---again---hahaha…well needless to say…it’s NOT finished and I do not see a finish in its future! It’s really beautiful…BUT! Quilting is an art I appreciate and admire but do not possess the talent for!

I visited the Wiregrass Heritage Festival at Landmark Park, Dothan, Al. on Saturday. It was one of the biggest quilt shows I have ever seen. They were beautiful!
I had friends there working a booth and showing quilts….etc. It was fun.

My friend and wife of Jackie’s cousin, Janan Doster; had her quilt on display. It is the "Log Cabin" pattern and was quilted by June Baumann.  Isn't it beautful?

Janan Doster and "Log Cabin"

Janan also had her "Raggy Jacket" she made and won Second Place in the competition. It was made using a Marjorie Webb and Sandra Noah pattern by Four Corners. Yay Janan!!
 This beautiful flag quilt was made by Joan Kloenne from Dothan, Al.

This one---so beautiful----was made by Julie C. Green from Dothan, Al.
using a Jackie Robinson pattern called "Reel Fine".

...and who doesn't just love this?

 Simply Unique~Ozark, Alabama
And here’s another look at Simply Unique….Paula set up a booth at the quilt show to sell her goods….such goody goods! Beautiful fabrics, patterns, ideas.....the list goes on and on…
To see more about Paula and her store click here.

Here are some of my dear friend Libby’s sewing for the little ones ….aren’t they just too cute!

~Paula Carroll~
Such talented people! These "material girls" are so awesome at what they can turn out!

"Blessed are the Piecemakers"
"May all of your UPS and downs in life
be with a needle and thread"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the pictures. They are great. Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are beautiful......All that tallent rolled up into one great person!

Love you!

holly said...

such fun! wish i were there to go with you!

Char said...

wow - gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

You did a great job, the photos of the quilts and the booth were great!!!!! I hope you enjoyed Saturday.
Remember Paula's open house is FRI/SAT NOV 13 & 14. Try to come visit.

Southern Cinderella said...

I love cuddling up with a handmade quilt, especially this time of year! My grandmother and I were just looking at the numerous quilts she's made me in the past and I know I will treasure them forever! I'm like you, I don't like long projects, I like the quick and easy ones!

Anonymous said...

The quilts are just beautiful. I have several quilts that I purchased in Amish Country throughout the years. I appreciate the work and love that went into everyone of them. They are treasures.

Christina said...

i adore quilts! i have one in almost every room.
i cannot tell a lie, i would love one of those handbags.

Christina said...

hey lovely, stop by when you have a moment, pls~