Monday, August 17, 2009

Something Very Unique......

There’s something quite unique in Ozark, Al. A small quaint place tucked neatly into the back of a home owned hardware store. Once you make your way past all the great hardware things, and yes women like to go to the hardware store too, you’ll find yourself among some of the most beautiful fabrics and laces and rickrack! And who doesn’t love rickrack? Skinny rickrack and fat rickrack….its all so awesome! Yay for rickrack!! Met Paula Carroll, owner and super wonder woman of Simply Unique, a Sewing and Gift Shoppe, located in the rear of Bill’s Hardware Store. This grand place is right here in my home town. You can buy a sewing machine, learn how to sew, smock, sew on a button and even use rickrack! Paula loves what she does and it shows in her smile and her friendly spirit. She is a true example of what southern hospitality is all about!
So, if you are looking for beautiful fabric, heirloom laces and smocking materials or even a single button, yes she will sell you just one button, go to Ozark, and find Paula busy as a bee in the back of Bill’s Hardware Store in her own shoppe…Simply Unique!

And don’t forget the rickrack!


Paula will have her new website up and running soon……I’ll let you know when it is ready, for now you can contact her at 334~445~0851. Happy sewing!
Bill, by the way, is Paula’s husband! You can buy a single cork or screw or even a ladder from him!
Psst.......All the photos were taken by yours truly! :)


Holly said...

You did such an awesome job! I'm proud of you! I want to shop there when we come home! Loves you!

Char said...

beautiful job on this commercial shot - the shots of the dresses are particularly outstanding and the first shot of the laces.

Anonymous said...

Cora, That is very neat and interesting. Good job!
Uncle Tom

amelia said...

Beautiful Cora!