Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Special Times

There are times spent together and then there are special times spent together. A time spent with a daughter is special…from doing nothing to shopping, acting silly; cooking and eating…even to sewing together and making new things. After the empty nest syndrome seemed to have vanished, I can now appreciate Holly for who she really is….an adult, a fun adult to be around, who has the same interests and talents that I possess. What a joy and a blessing! Traveling miles and miles to Louisiana to visit her is well worth the trip, driving through the traffic of maniacs, distracted cell phone blabbers, and people who love to cut you off! Anyway….once you arrive it is a relaxed time of fun. (Only to drive home again through the…blah, blah blahs... try not to dwell on it). This is a project that Holly and I came up with; without using a pattern….We had to make our own! I was so pleased with myself after studying and trying to figure out how to put this thing together. The end result was great. Here are our Cute Clothes Pin Bags~ For those of you who like to hang fresh laundry outside! The bags are completely lined and they are for sale!! :)
Footnotes~ Holly did not get all her talents from me...she got her athletic nature from her daddy!....and no matter how much of an adult she has become, she is still my sweet baby girl!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Momma! I love to spend time with you also and yes the clothes pin bags turned out great!!!