Thursday, September 17, 2009

Road Trip

N'awlins Lucky Dogs

We are off and running.....Becky, my bestest buddy, and I are hitting the road…..the   l o n g   road to Louisiana. Yep, you guessed it; we are going to visit my Holly! Yay! Becky has not been to Holly's house since they moved the last time and she has wanted to go for some time now. She and her husband actually helped us move Holly to Louisiana in 2007. It was so HARD to leave my only child in a place of her own, let alone another state so far away. If it had not been for Becky being with us on the return trip I would have cried all the way from Louisiana back to SE Alabama instead of just half of the way!
Friends are great to have around! Amen!

 We are in for some girly time…..Holly’s sweet and handsome husband Richard will be working (we’ll miss him but I guess the US Coast Guard needs him) so we girls will have a little fun! Shopping, eating out…..and mannie and peddies will be a real treat! I just love to be pampered, having my toes and fingernails done in the French way! Of course there will be silliness and lots of laughing….at nothing most of the time. With my camera in tow, I feel there will be a few adventures and escapades through New Orleans. *The last time I was in New Orleans with Becky, I broke my leg and crushed my ankle the night we got back to Alabama, so I’m praying this trip does not bring any hardships upon us!*
Please pray for us to have a safe trip, safe fun, and safe trip back home! Thanks!

Oh…by the way Holly had her 24th Birthday Monday the 14th…..I hate I missed being with her on that special day but here are a couple of pictures they took:

The Cake’s on fire!
Holly sporting her new watch and pink latté boots from Richard! She’s so funny!
Fun times ahead,

PS...See ya soon Holly!


holly said...

hahaha! can't wait to see yall tonight! loves yall very much and be safe on the road trip!

Char said...

have a safe trip!!! I so wish I was going....I love Louisiana.

Anonymous said...

ohhh....i'm gonna say a big, huge, long prayer for the both of you!! & especially everyone else on the road in your way!! :)

September 17 at 7:57pm