Monday, September 14, 2009

O Baby

I’ve been up to a bit of creativity lately. We are planning a baby shower for a dear friend’s son and his wife who are expecting a new baby boy!  Evan will soon arrive into this world. So in preparation for the shower, I bought blank assorted cards with a printed front cover for the invitations. I printed out the necessary information on the inside myself.  However, some of the outsides did not go very well for a baby boy; so I dressed them up a bit. Using ribbons, pins, pretty papers, die cuts and stickers;
I transformed them into cute invitations.
Trying to be different……
My cutesy animal prints
My Polka Dots~Love them!


 There is just something about making these yourself…it makes it more personal….plus I LOVE doing them!
Sad to know that some will be thrown away….O well!

Along with the invitations comes the shower. I will share with photos later. “Lord please do not let me forget my camera” *silent prayer*. And with the shower comes the gifts…..the typical baby clothes…toys…necessities…diapers…etc.etc.etc…But you know me, I have to be a bit different and go for the Alabama Piggy Bank since they are BIG Alabama~Roll Tide~football fans! That poor baby will be an Alabama football fan before he even knows what football is, heck before he’s even born! Poor baby!
 Yes I got the cutesy baby clothes too and I made a little something else~different of course:
A “Poop Powder Pocket”…yes you read that right,
or at least that is what I’m calling these….

I got the idea from a fellow blogger…Fly Through Our Window.
She shared these with instructions in a tutorial on her blog.
They are so cute, neat, and fun to make!
 Oh and they smell good too…..
takes the poop smell right out of the baby’s room!
 Great idea and very unique!

Several busy days ahead………always something to do and share!
Thanks for your visits,


holly said...

the poop smelling bags are cute too...such a great idea!

Char said...

how cute!! you are just so crafty and good at it.

and yes, roll tide baby

Liss said...

Wow, i love the polka dots. Those card a very pretty and yes a shame some of them will be thrown away.

silk purse said...

Love your creativity; so glad I found you.., keep up the good work!- You've made some fun & artistic creations for the little baby boy's shower- I really like the name of your blog and the pretty apples on the banner as well..,

Cheers & hugs from Silken Purse and Lady Velvet