Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In The Heat of Summer

 I am back from a lengthy visit with my daughter Holly and hubby Richard.   We spent days elbow deep in paint….I’ll have pictures later of her freshly painted formal dining room.  We also did a little shopping and eating…a pregnant girl gets hungry quite often…haha…not me, Holly, who is going on 20 weeks!  My 13 year old niece made the trip with me and we all enjoyed the beach at St. Augustine and a wild water park on another day.  I’m getting too old for that kind of stuff and the sun is just out of my league now.  I actually got quite a bit of sun on the beach with 30 and 50 SPF sunscreens, while sitting under an umbrella!  Gosh what would have I looked like if I had not done that?  I fear a visit to the ER would have been in order!  And the spot on my left leg where I failed to get any sunscreen…well you can only imagine what it looked like…it stayed swelled for about a week!! No kidding! It is starting to peel today!

Holly picked the fabric for the new cover I will be making for their baby’s high chair…It is neither boy or girl related but will match her kitchen!  Aqua, white, and red!  
Monaluna, Metro Cafe, Coffee Press and Cups on White, 1 yard

LAST PIECE, Michael Miller, Minnie Ta Dots, Red, 9 X 44 inches
This willl be the ruffle trim around the cover!
These items of fabric were purchased from sewdeerlyloved Etsy shop!
 It is too cute…wish me luck in sewing this project!  I’ll let you know how it turns out!
My veggie garden is on a slowdown…just too HOT this time of year!  But we have enjoyed fresh white peas, tomatoes, plenty of okra which is still making, bell peppers, onions, English peas, cucumbers like crazy, and potatoes. We are planning to plant a fall crop *wow crop sounds BIG* of more English peas, rutabagas, and collards.  A little something all year to keep us fed!  I’m on my second batch of homemade pickles right now…it’s a week long process! I was also able to obtain some fresh figs from my SIL with which I eat a pile of and the rest I made into preserves!  Now this is a common thing here in the southern part of the south!  A homemade buttermilk biscuit, buttered while hot, with a fig preserve is divine!  Yep…wish I could share with you all!
Its review time again…yep another Gooseberry Patch cookbook review of what’s cooking!  I will be sharing at least 3 recipes I have hand-picked from one of their latest new books.  You will also get the chance to pre-order this book at a discount before it hits the store shelves.  There will also be a give-away in my review for one lucky winner!  So stay tuned and look for this review coming up soon!  I have one more recipe to make and then I will be ready!
I hope you all are enjoying your summer, hot as it is…I have missed being here and sharing with you…but as you know life has a way of taking us away from our hobbies and past time pleasures.  Life gives us more of the things we need at certain times, more challenges, more opportunities, more experiences, and more excitement. We must take those times and live, learn, laugh, and of course LOVE it, making memories all the while!


BECKY said...

Hi Cora! Great to see a post from you! Glad your trip went well, sweetie!

We have a fig tree, and my hubby has made a bunch of preserves...simply delish!! He made up his recipes, and the one with butter in it is by far the best! So rich and yummy!

That high chair cover will be adorable! So cheery!

Have a great week getting settled back in at home!
Hugs to you!

Laura said...

It sounds like you have been wonderfully busy!
Isn't life grand?

I am curious about your reviews.
How do you get involved in doing that?

White Spray Paint

Kathleen Grace said...

Oh that fabric is soooo cute!

The Real Me! said...

Oh girlfriend I try to stay out of the sun too. I just don't enjoy it like I used to.
And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric for the highchair cover. Red with white polka dots are all over my kitchen!!

I think you and I are reviewing the same Gooseberry Patch book. I'm having my giveaway really soon too.

And our garden is on break during the Summer as well. The only thing we have out there right now is sweet potatoes. It's our first go round with them so we'll see how it goes.

Do I get bonus points for longest comment? LOL!
Have a great day my friend.

Bonjour said...

MIssed you too !!! Welcome "home" : )

Anonymous said...

It take no time for me to tan - but my husband it take no time to burn - O so sorry -- for you.. I don't like being out in the sun 20 min total..

Yolanda said...

I am looking forward to being closer to home in 2 weeks . I will be living in Nashville and would love to meet you sometime.

Cinner said...

Cora glad you had such a nice time at Holly and Richards. Thank you for your comment you left on my blog. it was nice you stopped by when you have been so busy. I replied to your comment on my blog. you may want to have a peak. take care dear friend. you just keep living life, were not going anywhere. hugs.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Love the material...colors I am using in my kitchen...have fun!!!

Angie Berry said...

I'm that way too dear... I can't be in the heat too long or I start to get sick. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time though.

LOVE the vintage fabric, so adorable!! Lots of goodness coming out of your garden, that is so wonderful and tasty I'm sure.

I absolutely LOVE that last paragraph! So very true Cora. It's easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of excitement but we must remember that we are making memories all the while... I must remember that more often! Thanks for the reminder, sweets.