Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where O Where…

…have I been? Around the world and back it seems like. After spending 9 days in New Orleans helping Holly and Richard pack up all their belongings, then back home for a few days, then meeting them in Jacksonville, FL to help them unpack for 5 days……We are tired and beat!!! And now this week is dedicated to Bible School by helping out in the craft room with LOTS of kids!! Thank the Lord I’m able!   I do feel so behind in visiting with you all and missing out on your posts. My inbox was flooded and people were beginning to wonder what was going on! Thank goodness for Facebook as I tried to keep family and friends updated when I was able to get to a computer.

Our children are so proud to leave New Orleans in their past…it’s a nice place to visit, but they did not like living there. With their backs to Louisiana they headed out with smiles on their faces and Holly’s Murano loaded down, to include their three kitties and her new puppy as she followed a huge Penske pulling a small U-Haul trailer driven by Richard and his dog. What a site!!!  They made it as far as Tallahassee FL, stopping there for the night. Old friends of Richard’s family took them out for a steak dinner that night before they headed out again the next morning for Jacksonville. We rose really early that same morning to meet them in Orange Park (outside of Jax) to help unload. There are still boxes to be unloaded as I type this because of the cleaning we had to do inside and out of the house and Holly wants all the walls painted before hanging any pictures. You can only imagine their excitement going from a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment to a BIG  house of over 2,000 sq ft.!! Talk about room to breathe!

Now for the reveal of the surprise that I painted for their new house... This initial “H” for their last name is now hanging on their front door.

Now you know the old saying "It’s a small world after all"…well it’s so true! From my postings on Facebook, a high school friend of mine had read about Holly and Richard’s move. Long story short…she lives in Orange Park also!! She came looking for the moving van on the street I had mentioned and found us! We had not seen each other in 30+ years. She welcomed the newcomers to the area by bringing us supper that night…fried chicken with all the trimmings down to dessert, sweet tea, paper plates and plastic forks!! She also provided Holly with addresses and phones of places she would frequently visit. How awesome is that? It also turns out a friend that Holly grew up with lives in the area too. They had not seen each other since Holly's wedding shower almost 4 years ago.  We all went out to dinner on Friday night and enjoyed some good steaks on Jackie’s wallet!! Awesome again!! Orange Park/Jacksonville has some wonderful friendly people living there!!

I also made this group of four 8x10 canvases for their Florida room which will have a beach theme when completed. They will hang inside of a large shabby frame over a vintage bookcase on one wall. These are decoupaged vintage photos from magazines and scrapbook papers, along with sticker letters. The paper flowers and large buttons give it some dimension and the brown ink gives it that grungy look.

 And here are Holly and Richard standing outside their new home…for the next four years anyway. Richard is stationed at Cecil Field with the US Coast Guard where he is a boat engineer. He will also be doing tactical training for helicopters pilots who will be chasing boats on water. He will be driving the boats running from the choppers! Note the yellow ribbon tied to the tree on the left. Richard’s sister is still in Afghanistan, due to leave and return home to the states mid June. Gosh it’s almost mid June now!!!!

This is Holly and her new baby…Willow... a Malti~Poo, which is a mix of a Maltese and a miniature Poodle. She is so cute and smart and Holly adores her….she treats her like a baby!! This pix was taken after a long day of working and unpacking so please excuse the looks….we were tired and Willow looks a little dirty from playing outside. She really liked the little pink plastic flamingo that I bought and put in Holly’s back flower bed near the bird bath. She thought it made an excellent teether for her baby teeth. Pink flamingo you ask? Well it’s a Florida thing…everyone has to have a least one! Haha…..

Holly and Richard live about 5 hours from us here in Alabama now, which is closer that NOLA and it’s a much easier drive, so we look forward to many visits back and forth!

Thank you for all the anniversary wishes…I hope we make 31 more years!
It's good to be home and settled down for a while.
Welcome to summer!!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Glad to see you back, and I'm pooped just reading about your adventure! lol

Julie Harward said...

It is so good that you got to go along with them and help so much, I am sure they really appreciate it. You are quite a creative crafter..these are real cute things you made. Lovely home for them, my daughter and hub just bought their first home. Bet you are glad to be home. :D

Bev said...

oh my gosh, i was just thinking about you last night, wondering what happened to you! and here you are! love your artwork, cora...
nice to have the kids closeby now, i'm sure...

BECKY said...

YAY!! You're back! And it is so great to hear that everything went so well! And that old friend stuff...sooo cool! I love how God does things like that!! Don't you?

Your letter and canvases are fabulous! And I had to giggle at the pink flamingo!! I am doing a custom tag order for a bloggy friend whose Florida family has a flamingo thing going on!! HA!!

Love and hugs to you! So glad to hear your good report!

Sares said...

I bet they are very happy to be settled finally! Moving is such a chose and I imagine moving to another state is very stressful. Glad to see you made is home safe and your canvases are great!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love the picture of the house. I know they are both so excited. And you are so crafty. I love the H and the canvases. What did you make the H out of? You could make those and sell them. And the puppy is so cute.

Kim Barr

holly said...

Awesome post! :) Thanks for all the help yall gave us and we are so glad that yall were able to help as well! I'm looking rough in that pic too! dang! We love yall!

GardenofDaisies said...

What a good mama you are, helping your kids to get moved! The H you made for their new front door is super! It sounds like they are meeting people and will get settled in quickly.

Christina said...

i have been thinking of you, like nobody's business.
i love that they are getting all settled in. bless em.
and i have a maltese- his name is miles. so sweet!

so glad yall are doing good.

Angie Berry said...

I think it's awesome that you were able to help Holly and Richard. I know how hard and stressful it is to pack up and move. I'm sure you two made it fun though! =]

How wonderful for them to gain so much room! I love the "H" you made for them!! Very, very cute! I've been wondering what it could be that you made for them and I wasn't expecting that, love it!

I think it's SO neat that you both were able to meet up with old friends. I love when God blesses us with surprises like that, so awesome!

Girl! You are so stinkin' talented! I adore the canvas art! They look like they were fun to make. I know they will look great in that room. We need to get Holly to bloggin' so we can see her home as it comes together, hehe. They have a beautiful home and I know they will make many wonderful memories there in the next 4 years.

Brittany said...

Mrs. Cora,
You should start selling your creations on Etsy!!!

No Florida home can be without a Pink Flamingo in the yard!!! :)

Sooo, glad Holly is settled and their home is lovely!!! So very happy for her!!!

Sewn With Grace said...

Wow have you been busy! Love all your creations. You are so talented!

Kris said...

super glad your back - been wonderng - and thinking what was keeping you away so LONG ..wink!
What a time you have had and now the kids live closer - that's good.. 5 hours it's not bad..
Glad your back and all is well..

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

What a blessing...a friend from the past...isn't God good? Love the wreath for the door..everything looks great and beautiful house for the couple.

Glad you had a wonderful anniversary.

Karen said...

wow you were close to me.. Im in Palm Coast,,just about an hour S of Jacksonville..
love your house warming gift..toooo cute..
Well have a great sunday and thanks for visiting me yesterday.. Iloved that pic of the rooster too..