Monday, May 9, 2011

Jumping Rainbows, Lassoing Dreams, and Wishing On Stars says Cinderella.
Without my dreams and hopes, life seems rather dull. It’s like total boredom, never reaching for anything, never stepping out on that limb but always sitting at home on the couch…waiting.  Waiting for what?  Different desires come with age. My dreams are not the same as they used to be as some of those dreams have been fulfilled throughout the years.  I’ve strattled a few fences along the way…do I do this or do I do that, this way or that way?  I’ve fallen off only to get back up, put on my big girl panties, the pretty lacey ones, and move on again.
Standing at the intersection of life with 3 other ways to go, has been a test. Do I go straight ahead or turn to the left or to the right? As long as I didn’t come to a dead end, I was usually OK.
Looking ahead now the dream is looking at 59½.  I know there are those of you who know exactly what I am referring to and can relate…but for those of you who are way too young, let me explain: Retirement age…not that you cannot retire before then…but you cannot draw on your retirement funds you worked hard for until that age. Its part of that government control stuff you know. Oh they give you ways that you can get to your money with penalties and taxes, that way they still control your money while getting a chunk of it for themselves. So unlike Cinderella with her fairy godmother who is always watching out for her, I think I will just wait it out.
It sounds like I’m wishing my life away to get to that age…not so; it’s just the dream, brewing in its early stages that I cannot reach yet.
In the mean time I will jump a few rainbows, climb one or two and slide down the curve hoping to land softly in that pile of gold at the bottom. I will stand in the dark night gazing into the starry sky making wishes on every twinkle.  I will lasso the moon because I know that I can reach that far.  I will dance in the rain with my tongue hanging out to catch the sweet drops and taste the present moment. I will live in that moment; I will live in the right now.

My dreams come true
 Growing up
Being an artist…starving one but still one
Graduating high school
Going to college
Getting married
Buying a house
Buying some land
Having a child
Being a Mama
Watching her walk and talk
Selling the house
Building our new home
Raising our child right
Still working
Building a nest egg
Watching her grow up
Sending her to college
Watching her walk the aisle to her love
Being happy and blessed
Living well and comfortable, not money rich

My dreams of hope
Being a Grammie
Living long enough
Hubby retiring
Living in each moment
Being healthy
Living easy
Spending that money I waited for
Helping and giving
Living in eternity one day

My dreams were/are pretty simple really…nothing fancy or wild, nothing out of the ordinary, just plain simple everyday typical things of life. I have been blessed.
I have made it through the rain…thus far. Sometimes I got drenched and caught a cold, sometimes I fell in the mud puddle instead of jumping over it or sometimes I simply enjoyed the coolness of it and sometimes I danced. And I know that it will continue to rain every now and then on my parade but it is up to me to decide if I will keep on dancing.

Notice how my future dream list is shorter….what’s up with that!?
Cinderella and I need to chat or either she needs to share her fairy godmother!

"Dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about you."
~Marsha Norman~

I hope that all your dreams come true!

Loving me some Adele on the playlist….


Anonymous said...

i share many of your dreams ... especially the last one.

Julie Harward said...

We all need to always keep dreaming...I can't wait to downsize and move on. We need to always be looking forward, that will get us there. :D

no spring chicken said...

I think as we get older our dreams look simpler... We don't have as much time left! ;)

Blessings, Debbie

Marydon said...

We are at that point in life to downsize, move on & keep the list short.

Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day ~

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Bonjour said...

What a beautiful posting...also LOVED your Mother's Day truly are so blessed...we all are !

Leann said...

I think that we've pretty much written the same book. I can be happy here at home with just God's gifts. I don't need to say I do this job etc. to be happy.

Well, I guess I have to get ready for the "I do this job!"


Mandy said...

Wow, that's wonderful and inspiring!
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Just wonderful. Makes me think of what my list would look like.

Char said...

a beautiful list of wishes. and sometimes even though all of my dreams don't come true, i do thank god for unanswered prayers.

Cinner said...

Beautiful post Cora. I hope all your dreams come true. Your blog looks beautiful as always. reading your last post. Do you get Rattlers in your yard often. I am deathly afraid of snakes. sending hugs your way. keep dreaming.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you said "Without my dreams and hopes, life seems rather dull" ..I've had so many dreams and hopes come true.. very blessed! I am with you totaly.. your list is what it should be short and simple --

Angie Berry said...

Sweet post Cora! Isn't it funny how our dreams seem to be more simple as we mature? We realize we don't need all the material, earthly things to make us happy. But boy, we sure want those things when we're young. It all comes from a blessed life. You are blessed my friend. I am blessed. God is just so good to us, isn't He? I am so thankful for that! Although... I will be SO excited for you when you get to be a Grammie of a real child instead of just fur babies. =]