Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Exercise That Right

Today I am Grateful that I have the privilege to vote. A right that allows me to choose to my liking the one whom I believe is the best person to serve an office. It is not only a privilege or right…it is a responsible as a citizen; one that defines our nation as a democracy. It is an entitlement that was fought for more than 200 years ago, so that everyone would have the opportunity to exercise this freedom. Please do not take it for granted…for it could easily be taken away.
Patriotic Graitude

And remember if you don’t vote…DON’T complain!

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD…
Isaiah 1:18

So get out and get your exercise today…Vote!

For more information on registering to vote go here: Vote 411


Erin Wallace said...

Went out and did my duty! Actually, I love voting and I took my 3 year old with me to plant the seed in him. It's a good thing to be grateful for!

xo Erin

Christina said...

yep! i got out there.