Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Fashion Week...

The start of this brand new week, after a very busy weekend, has been rather gloomy. It is very overcast with a good promise of some much needed rain. The leaves are doing their change for the season…beautiful golden and red outfits they adorn as they make their descent down the fashion runway to the ground to join the acorns and hickory nuts.
“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree”  Emily Bronte

Our weekend was filled with family and friends…from a huge family reunion with lots of great home cooked food, and later with a birthday celebration for my MIL who turns 87 today.
Happy Birthday Nannie!!

Our motley looking bunch....and this is not all of us either!
  Another birthday was celebrated with friends as their grandson turned the BIG ONE! Such fun to see a little one tear into the cake with their little hands and wrinkle up their nose until that sweet taste passes over their tongue. They grin from ear to ear and then clap for themselves because they are so proud of what they have done! So funny!
I think this will be the first time we have ever had treat-or-treaters at our house since we built it years ago. I am so excited. Our young neighbors at the end of our cul-de-sac will be celebrating their daughter’s 2nd Birthday this weekend with a Halloween themed party. They have let us know that they will be having a hay ride with all the kids on board and will be stopping at each house for tricks and treats. It is going to be fun! Lots of kids, lots of candy, lots of fun. I finished getting all the decorations in place and everything looks festive and fun, can’t wait!

I love this time of year when things are changing. The colors of autumn are beautiful and the decorations are fantastic with all their quirky, kooky~spooky, and whimsical humor and brilliant golden colors. Most of what I have up will last on into the Thanksgiving season, a few will be replaced with turkeys and pilgrims!


Side note~Holly and her MIL made it through their drive to Vegas safe and sound and she will be returning home this evening. 30 hours of driving in two days! They prevailed through heavy fog, bumper to bumper horrible traffic, high winds, and crossing the new Hoover Dam Bridge 900+ feet in the air in the dark Saturday night!

I’m sure they looked like the very modern day Thelma and Louise with a dog in the back seat as they cruised along jamming to the tunes and taking in the western scenery. Thanks to those of you who said a prayer for their safety. The sky will be full of angels this evening when Holly’s flight leaves Las Vegas headed for New Orleans where her hubby will be waiting.

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor,
summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all."
Stanley Horowitz

Hoover Bridge photo from Google


Julie Harward said...

I'm all excited for Halloween too, I just love the little ones! Your pictures here are all so beautiful! :D

Anonymous said...

What a great post!♥ I especially loved the last quote and the cute prim pumpkin and kitty that you personalized...where do you get such goodies?

Hope you have a fab fall day!☺

Southern Cinderella said...

I love the pics like always! I just know you had a great reunion with family! You must take pics of the birthday parties!! The halloween theme party and hayride sounds adorable!

Marydon said...

We have had a total of maybe 40 T&T's in 26 yrs. here .. I so love having them come by, missing the good ol' days.

Your pictures of the family are just wonderful.

Have a BOO-TEA-FUL week!
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Karen said...

Cora,, what a beautiful family..
I come from a good size close family too.. there are 5 of us kids,,but my mom comes from a family of 12, and most of them had a half of dozen kids or we have cousins we never even seen before,,(but only due to living in other states) we are all very close though..
I feel very blessed to come from a close loving family, as Im sure you do too..
great post.. thanks for sharing

Sares said...

I love it when the whole family gets together! 1st Birthdays are the BEST too! You have taken some beautiful pictures Cora. Happy Fall and have fun with all those trick or treaters!

Holly said...

Thanks for all the prayers. I am glad to be back in LA safe! Love your pictures and cant wait to hear about the treaters!!!

Christina said...

these photos are just stunning!

Cinner said...

I love all the photos Cora, sounds like you have been busy. that new bridge would have scared me. I am not keen on going over them for some strange reason. take care.

Angie Berry said...

Happy Birthday to Nannie! What a wonderful family picture! Nannie looks amazingly like my great aunt Bessie. It's kinda scary... they could be twins! I keep looking at her picture, thinkings it's Aunt Bessie, wow!

Sounds like you had a wonderful Halloween! We all had a blast, kids are so much fun this time of year.

Beautiful fall pictures~