Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's a Holly Day

Here is another place I wanted to share with you from my trip to Holly’s in NOLA. Franky and Johnnys in uptown New Orleans.
Now like I mentioned about Hansen’s...the place is nothing to look at…so don’t judge a restaurant by it’s cover…it’s the food that counts, right?

And yummy it was. Holly had been there with friends once before…so she knew the special treat on the menu…Fried Bell Pepper Rings!!
Oh yes ma’am they were great! A delectable appetizer dipped in a ranch sauce that was different in every way! After jumbo fried shrimp, po-boys and salads…we were stuffed with smiles on our faces. Funny thing though…is Franky spelled with a “y” or “ie”? Did you notice? Guess no one really knows!!

Today is a special day. A day to remember. A day to celebrate. It is special for Jackie and I and for our daughter, Holly. You see… 25 years ago she came into the world, given to us as a miracle gift from God.

 She was sent from heaven above as the angels sang at her arrival and as we were breathing a huge sigh of relief. Prayers rained down on us as a morning whirlwind came rushing over us with uncertainty, confusion, and fear. But with God’s mighty strength, blessings and our faith…we over came and welcomed her with joy, smiles, hugs, giggles, and the awesome wonder of such a miraculous moment!

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above…"
James 1:17

    Now 25 years later we celebrate her as an adult,
     with the same sense of joy and wonder.
So HaPpY BiRtHdAy Holly and many many more!!

While she and Richard were home last week we celebrated her 25 years, with family and friends. We had a big cookout with all the trimmings, smiles, laughs, and remembering good old times together. What a blessing! Holly added Richard to our small family 3 years ago this month too!

HapPy AnNivERsaRy to you both!! 
What I’m likin’ lovin’ today~

25 years of blessings

Joy and peacefulness

Wishes on candles

That smile on my face

A job well done


Holly said...

I love you momma! Thanks for everything!!!!!! The love, hugs, caring, and always being there!!!!LOVES!

Julie Harward said...

I think she looks like her mama...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to sweet Holly! :D

Anonymous said...

"Without a doubt, my favorite place in nola! And, I make sure to share it with those people I deem worthy! Amazing food for a long time."
Emily Frumkin Nachlas

Angie Berry said...

You're right... that doesn't look like a place I would frequent. Those are the good places though that only the locals know about.

Congratulations on your baby girl's entrance into adulthood. Although I don't know Holly personally, I know she is a beautiful, caring, loving woman. You and Jackie have taught her well and you should be proud!!

Anonymous said...

holly is very fortunate to have such a wonderful mother like you. such a blessing! have a happy birthday holly.

Sares said...

Congratulations! It seems like a time of celebrations for your daughter! That restaurant looks like my kind of place, but now I'm hungry!

Karen said...

Cora.. I love those picture.. and i so could live in that one horse town.. i just love that look.. takes me back to a kid.. my grand parents lived in a small town in West Virgina and my moms family (11 kids :o )lived in this 2 stop light town.but us kids would go to the piggly wiggly and the store clerk would so oh ya must be Watson's grandkids.. i will put the candy on his charge..
What a great memory..thanks for taking me back.. I am sitting here right now with a smile on my face thanks to you...
Have a blessed day..

Susan said...

Oh man! What I wouldn't give right now for a N'awlins-style po'boy, especially my favorite, an oyster one. Mmmm-mmmm! And a real Muffaletta with bread from Wayne's Bakery on Plank Road in Baton Rouge. You are killin' me with these food posts! :)

Happy Birthday to Holly!

Christina said...

happy birthday to your holly! i so hope to hug on you all in person one day!

Anonymous said...

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