Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Home Is The Sweetest

Ahhh…the peace and quiet of being back home, slow and easy, a familiar calmness. No traffic, no hustle and bustle of rushed crowds, only the gentle breeze, with a teasing of fall; and the soft tranquil sounds of nature. City life is NOT for me.

New Orleans Louisiana on a beautiful clear day
Our visit in New Orleans, Louisiana to visit Holly and Richard was jam packed each day. From fishing in the Mississippi river where it meets the gulf to shopping, sewing, crafting, a trip to the zoo, helping friends, nursing a sick kitty back to health, eating…and I do mean eating some good food. Yum~

Louisiana Shrimp Boats~I love the gulf clouds
Jackie returned home to Alabama and I stayed for the remainder of the week, returning home with Holly and Richard. They are now on their way to Tennessee for their annual family hog BBQ.

The house is quiet now, with soft music, the hum of the ceiling fan, and kitties purring…yes I am pet sitting the kitties for them again *smiling in a weird way*
Parents do a lot for those children they love.

My Mama turned 75 Monday, we were back home in time to visit and give her happy wishes. I made her some note cards with my photos and she loved them! We are going out to eat again tonight to celebrate because it’s the bestie’s birthday today!! Yep she has caught up with me…she is now as old as I am! *Smiling evil smile*

A new month~September… wow…where did August go? I think we skipped from July straight to September.

Audubon Zoo
Do you ever feel like time is rushing you by? Spinning you out of control…round and round… and leaving you on the sidelines wondering what the heck just happened. I really felt like this while in NOLA. Everything is rushed and busy there.

Holly, as we go over the Crescent City Bridge, New Orleans, LA.
It takes forever to go anywhere, too many people in one spot, everyone out for themselves. There needs to be more hours in the day for places like that.

I am happy to be back at my slow easy pace, my home, my space, my little world where everything in near perfect in my eyes. Now if we can just get Holly and Richard closer back to this part of the world….as for now the USCG has their own plans for them. One day…one day…one day…dreaming of one day…

I will share more photos and stories of my trip soon.
Until then my friends, I am glad to be here…

~What I’m likin’ today~

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Supper tonight with friends


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

There's NO place like home! :)

Cindy said...

Welcome Home!! Enjoy your evening!!
Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your trip!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Home is Best !!!

Welcome Back

Christina said...

welcome home! i missed you SO much! i was like a lost puppy.
i love the photos. deep sigh!

Julie Harward said...

Me too..I could never live in the city! And just where did summer go this year? We had a total of 2 weeks and now it's Fall! No place like true :D

Cinner said...

Glad you had a wonderful time. Glad you are back, missed you too. hope one day the kids are closer to you, be well, home is always the best place to be. hugs.

Becca said...

Hi Cora, looks like you had a nice yet busy trip. I bet the food was wonderful! I prefer a slower pace city/lifestyle too that's why one day I hope to get outta here! (vegas). Enjoy your quiet time and dinner with friends.

Kathleen Grace said...

Having just returned from a small vacation, I know just what you mean. Getting away can be fun though and your trip sounds like it was wonderful:>)

Faith said...

The only time I like living in the when I need to get to Micheals for yarn, in takes me 5 min to get there..other than that I would prefer to live out in the more rural area. I hope that someday we can..hope springs eternal.

Char said...

welcome home! I missed you!!

Sares said...

Welcome home! It sounds like you enjoyed your trip to the "Big Easy" but it is always so nice to be home again. I am in absolute agreement about August flying by, WHERE did it GO!

Angie Berry said...

I agree with you girl! City life is not for me either. I so love to visit every once in awhile. But I prefer to fall asleep to the sound of crickets and bullfrogs, not honking cars. Glad you were able to spend some time with Holly & Richard, enjoying the city.

Happy Birthday to your Mama! Both my parents turned 75 this year also.