Thursday, August 12, 2010

What's in Your Bucket?

Simply Forlorn

Inspiration. Where does it come from? A thought, a bright idea, a brain bleep, seeing something through different eyes, pairing creative combinations, flashes…

How do we get motivated to go with that inspiration? Whether it is writing, creating art, sewing, painting, taking a chance, crafting, exploring, cooking…what gets those juices flowing in your veins? At times it seems we run into brick walls or dead end streets and things just stop. When do we get off the well traveled track and strike out on our own. Go. Chase a rainbow. Take that chance. Run with scissors… Or do we just stay in that comfortable zone of safety that keeps us in the norm of things. Norm. Normal. What the heck is normal? There are things that I want to do. Roads I want to travel that are not familiar to me. I want to jump out the box like Jack. Dance like Cinderella.  Take chances. Dare. Accomplish a bucket list.

Porch Rocker

My Bucket List

Build one more house and live in it

Travel to places far far away, but always come back home

Paint like Picasso

Sing like Eva Cassidy

Play with my grandchildren everyday because they live nearby

Photograph like no other

Lose some pounds, lots of them, forever

Chase that skittle rainbow to see what is really at the end

Catch a BIG fish, a really BIG fish

Sail on some calm open waters

Hop some tropical islands

Witness the miracle of peace in this world

Be debt free (almost there!)

Live the month of October on the North Carolina shore

Go river rafting on a not so raging river

Dig for clams

What I’m likin’ today~
Sappy movies



A planned trip


Pretty papers

Glue sticks


A new day

My incomplete b-list

What's in your bucket?

One thing I will never understand: Why do they like to use that awful sounding F word in movies? Don’t they know it would still be a great movie without it?


Char said...

i like your bucket...and will it help if i do think you're a photographer like "no other"? your work is uniquely you and beautiful.

Kathleen Grace said...

Mmmm, now you have me thinking! It may take a while, lol. The older I get the more I look around and wonder why I wasn't more adventurous in my younger years and the more determined I am to be more so now! The first thing I'm going to do is sit down with paper and pencil tonight and really thik abput this. Thanks Cora:>)

Karen said...

OMG Cora, I am so with you on that.. the F word is wayyyyyyyy to common these days.. I am grateful to know that most of the people we are around do not talk like that, and if one slips out,, they look at me and say sorry..
But we dont have that same pleasure when watching a movie..i hate it..

My bucket list:
to simplify my life
to not feel rushed
to savor every smile on my granddaughter smile.
to have a clean house without having to clean the post..

Christina said...

what a beautiful list!!
may i sail with you someday? : )

i recently crossed off photographing a ferris wheel. and it felt so good.

btw* you paint my world like picasso, every day.

Cinner said...

Cora, what a beautiful list, there are a few words that just make me cringe....that F word is one of them...i need to redo my bucket list, good idea for a post. love the music here too. hugs to you.

Traci said...

You have a wonderful list! Good thought-provoking topic...sometimes I let the kids become all-consuming.

Anonymous said...

build my dream home

Cindy said...

7 years ago..surviving deaths door..I mentally made a list..a list of what I needed to get almost made me go crazy...everything got in the way..people...finances..more health problems..I would ask why...why can't I do these things..why did I survive if not to do these things.

My Dr. picked up on my frustration..He told me..he watched my family with me when I was dying...he watched the loved that flowed..the prayers by many..he told me..I don't have to accomplish anything..I already had....a family ..a husband who adored faith..2 grandchildren at the time..he said what and who I was..was so moving at my bedside..not many families had what we had..he was convinced the God was there in that room..he said that was my bucket was my life!!!

So I do try to enjoy the little 9 going on 10 grandchildren ..scattered to the winds..these are my bucket now.

Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Cheyenne said...

I loved reading through your bucket...

you have made me stop and think about what's in mine...

Michelle said...

I love your list. You are such a poet,photographer, and encourager. I love ya, and we have never even met. Maybe I should put that on my bucket list! :)

Elaine said...

Cora I love your bucket list. It inspired me to think that I should have one now that I am entering the winter of my life. My only regret is my husband isn't here to help me fulfill so many of them..
I can't understand the F word in the movies either. My grandson many years ago said the word and I said do you know what it means and he said "yes" and I said "does what your talking about envolve it ?" He said no and I said then don't ever use it again as just a word to say. The movies should take a clue also.

Sares said...

I always love reading your lists! They give me some great ideas. Hope you have a terrific weekend Cora!

Nancy said...

What an inspiration you are to us....You have challenged me this morning and I am thankful....I have been thinking about my bucket list for some time but I think it's imnportant to write it down so you can see it.....

Your blog is beautiful and I will definitely will be back to visit again....

Julie Harward said...

Hi there...I should plan better I think, after reading your list...thanks for your visit, missed you! :D

Mama Holli said...

I LOVE this post Mama Cora! I am linking it up!!!

Manda said...

Awe... TOTALLY adoring your bucket list. I may have to think about writing one of those. I keep it tucked in my heart right now.

mizdarlin said...

Because i live on the West Coast, always have, some of these things you list, I've done..
Lots of calm sailing, dug for clams, and I've caught some purty big of 'em was a Derby winner..the prize? A case of outboard motor oil, and me without a boat!

Angie Berry said...

I enjoyed your bucket list. What's really gonna be fun for you is when those grandchildren nearby will be the center of your photography! You will go crazy taking tons of pictures of them because they will be the cutest things ever! =]