Friday, July 16, 2010

A Pickle Party…

Of Pickles and Parties

There are pickles. There are birthdays. There are parties.
There is happiness. There are friends all around. Let’s Celebrate.

Before I can go to Christina’s Birthday Party I have to finish my own little Pickle Party.

My bounty has been plentiful….overflowing in abundance.
The last batch was sweet, like my birthday friends and this batch is kosher…again just like my friends~ acceptable, genuine, authentic, true, the real thing, and sweet like sugar.
There is lots of celebrating going on here and there.

Happy Birthday Char and Christina and many other friends who celebrate in July!
Today is also my SIL's Birthday...Happy Birthday Helen!
Come celebrate with me too….next Tuesday!
We age not only in wonderful years with great memories,
but with grace, dignity, and many privileges; one of those being able to blog.
We celebrate life together. A memory made with each post. We


have a good time


enjoy ourselves



My bestie always kids me that I am older than her…hahaha but she soon catches up with me in September. I say I’m six weeks wiser than her! She is pretty kosher herself.

My zinnias aged well this year and now it is time for them to
leave me some seeds for next year.

Jackie and I have been to the blueberry patch….so beautiful…big, plump and sweet, by the tons. We stopped at 10 pounds. I feel pie baking is in order…..

I hear popping in the kitchen as my jars are sealing…… I’ll be with you again soon,
until then Best Wishes and Much Happiness...

Happy Celebrating. Happy Weekend. Happy Living. Happy Day.


Char said...

yay for july babies!!!! :)

those pickles look sooooo yummy - you're so good to be able to do all of that. i can remember my grandmother doing them and my ex-mother-in-law. they tasted wonderful.

and those berries look divine.

Christina said...

oh a pickle party! yummy! oh how i wish i were your neighbor! i will settle for sharing a b-day. lol

i will start with strawberries, work my way up, to these. xoxo

Christine said...

Oh the blessings of a bountiful harvest!
Enjoy and celebrate!
Best wishes

Michelle said...

I love July babies too. We have done a lot of celebrating this week. A lot of canning too.

beth said...

happy birthday cora....
so many july babies i can hardly stand it !

i hope your day is so special that you're still thinking about it next week......

Bev said...

oh yay!! another party! i am lovin' all these birthday girls...christina, char, you...
i may have to have a glass of chardonnay in celebration on this friday...after work...on the deck
see you on tuesday!!

Cinner said...

Happy Birthday Cora, those pickles look so good, My Mom canned all the time on the farm. Love to you, all the best.

Cheyenne said...

I love to hear about people CELEBRATING their birthdays. It is encouraging!

Your pictures are gorgeous-you make canning look pretty.

Sares said...

You gotta love a good pickle party! Happy Birthday to all those closest to you celebrating a Birthday. I have a niece that turns the big 8 next week!

ELK said...

happy birthday with very special wishes and beauty to YOU!!

Traci said...

Happy Birthday a couple days early, Cora! Stopped at 10 pounds?! Holy cow! Zinnias are among my favorites - apparently bunnies favor them, too. ):
Have a beautiful week!

Susan said...

I've never been to a pickle party before! They look perky and crisp, just like you! And definitely sweet! I like bread and butter pickles with grilled cheese sandwiches. Yum.

Erin Wallace said...

I used to can pickles with my grandma. I loved that Pop!

xo Erin

The Real Me! said...

I wanted to make sure I stopped by and wished you a VERY Happy Birthday!
I wish I lived closer, I'd of taken a jar of those pickles off your hands! LOL!
Have a fabulous day my friend.

Anonymous said...





Faith said...

Hi Miss Cora.....Happy Birthday..I too am a July baby, born on the 4th 4lb something..and also have been adding on all these years...hee hee....the pickles looks delicious..I had posted about sun pickles I tried for the firt time this year...and today was one week, I tried one they are pretty good. The pickles we bought from a farmers market..our garden did not fair well this year..with the exception of the garlic we planted last October..I am thankful for delicious bounty.I am enjoying your peaceful blog...and will stop in again...have a wonderful day...