Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Bad Comes with the Good

There is a blog you must visit…Not Quite June Clever.  Susan is a great cook who shares many of her recipes, like one of her favorites: Chicken & Dumplin's! She also likes to garden and play in the dirt, sew the cutest aprons, tend a small farm with some cute animals and get this; She has her own published cookbook!
Which BTW…I want it…hint hint *winking*

And low-and-behold she had a giveaway in honor of her being picked for Gooseberry Patch’s Featured Friday...and I won!! Yes me! *doing the happy dance while singing*.  She is giving me the "Farmers Market Favorites" Gooseberry Patch Cookbook and an apron which she personally made!
 WooooHooooo! I’m so excited. June Susan really Rocks! And so does GBP!
As you have guessed by now, that was the good news…now for the bad. My hubby left me!  Well just not permanently. ..hahaha, but he did leave me…ALONE…alone for a whole week while he’s in Kentucky with three friends turkey hunting. They are having a lot of fun in beautiful Kentucky country after driving through all the rain and flooding that Tennessee had on Saturday. They stayed just ahead of the worst rain Nashville has ever seen. *Please keep Tennessee in your prayers along with the Gulf Coast which is being engulfed by the oil spill from the rig that exploded. Lives have been lost and it is not over yet* Anyway I sure do miss Jackie…he’s really a quiet man in general so it’s even quieter when he is not here…like a deafening silence. But I’m hanging in there: 

He did pick me some strawberries from our friend’s farm down the road before he left.   YUM! They really DO NOT need the sugar because they are sweet already!

Strawberries with a Little Sugar
So if this is as bad as it gets for me this week….well I’m doing good!!
All is well! How is your week?

"If all our misfortunes were laid in one common heap whence everyone must take an equal portion, most people would be contented to take their own."

The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart,
 and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart.
For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks. ~Luke 6:45 NIV 
What's flowing from your heart?

An Irrelevant Fact to Intrigue You: The sound of E.T. walking was made by someone squishing her hands in Jell-O.  Now you know!  I wonder what flavor it was!?


Char said...

gorgeous shot - and congrats on the win! gotta love cookbooks like that.

and enjoy your time alone - i always find it refreshing.

Holly said...

Congrats on winning!!!! Those strawberries look so yummy! We got some LA strawberries and they are good too! Wishing Daddy a safe trip home.....

Susan said...

Awww...how sweet of you! Thanks for the shout out and your prizes are in the mail. I just wanted to let you know the cookbook was donated by Gooseberry Patch...they are some awfully sweet folks!


Cinner said...

Congratulations Cora, what a wonderful surprise for you. glad you got your fresh picked strawberries. I did get some from the store, they were good, but nothing like coming right out of the garden....they were good for breakfast. take care, think of you often. Enjoy your time alone.

Courtney @ splashing grace said...

Congratulations! those strawberries look delicious... Luke 6 makes me want to double check my heart... and your intriguing fact just made me laugh!

Gooseberry Patch said...

Hi Cora!

We were so tickled that one of our favorite bloggers won Susan's awesome giveaway. Her aprons are really lovely and we hope you enjoy it (and the book!) greatly.

If you happen to have your camera handy, we'd love to see which recipe from Farmers' Market Favorites you try out first...no pressure, of course. :)

Make the most of your alone time...and congrats again on the win!

amelia said...

lucky duck- looking forward to reading about the recipes that you try and the images to go along with it!

Sares said...

Lucky you! You'll have to try some of the recipes and let us know how they turn out. I hope you are enjoying your alone time, even if it is quiet!

the country cook said...

Congrats on winning! That's so much fun. :-)

Lynda said...

Congrats on winning. Those strawberries look yummy. We are still a few weeks away from strawberry time here in Kentucky. Can't wait. It's just about my favorite time of year!

Angie Berry said...

Holy Moly!! I haven't visited you in quite some time! I've been catching glimpses of you here and there but I can honestly see I've been missing you! So sorry to be away so long, my friend!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm doing the happy dance for you too! I would love to own that cookbook and a homemade apron too?! That is so awesome! Those strawberries... YUM!