Friday, March 26, 2010

When I grow up...

~When I grow up~

I will own my own antique and junk store…I will call it Junkitty.

I will be able to cook like Paula Deen, but with less butter.

I will have a 1966 ice blue Ford Mustang for weekend cruising.

I will have published photography in Country Living magazine.

I will have lots of Grandchildren who adore their Grammie.
I will look almost like Barbie, not that she is perfect or anything.

I will have told lots of people about Jesus.

I will own a 2nd home at on the beach…a private beach.

I will teach art and photography classes to children.

I will to furnish my home with repurposed shabby furniture.

I will own an old farm house sitting on 20 acres in the country.

I will have chickens and cats.

I will be able to sing like Alison Kraus and Colbie Caillet.

I will have a blog that everyone loves to visit.

I will be a great writer.

I will have cats that do not chase my chickens.

Until such time that I decide to grow up and accomplish all these dreams of mine;
I will be happy and content with my life the way it is now :)

...and when I leave this world I will leave a cherished legacy of a full and good life.

What will you do/be when you grow up?

Women are angels and
when someone
breaks our wings,
we simply continue to fly....
on a broomstick....we are flexible!!
I see you smiling!

Some of the above photos are compliments of google search and photobucket.


Sares said...

LOVE IT! We have many similar goals! What a delicious list Cora, it will give me something fun to think about this weekend. I hope yours is delightful too!

country girl said...

Oh yes, that sounds alot like how I want to be when I grow up! :)
This post inspired me....I think I'll write about who I want to be when I grow up, too! Thank you for the inspiration.
Have a beautiful weekend!

Susan said...

We want the same life, Cora!! I already have the chickens and cats. Believe me, the cats are more afraid of the chickens after they get past the chick stage! It's the dogs you have to worry about.

I want a Mustang, too! Only mine will be bright red or that really bright yellow! Hey, if I'm gonna drive a hot car, I want EVERYBODY to notice! And my license plate will say GIDDIUP! LOL

Have a great weekend! XOXO

Sewn With Grace said...

I love this post! As an outsider looking in, I think you've accomplished some of those things already! Have a blessed Saturday doing what you love!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I think you already have a blog people love to visit!

Erin Wallace said...

When I grow up I want to be like you when you grow up!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!

Face book comment by Brandy Rice Wynn

A Life In Focus Photography said...

your goals could be mine. good luck to both of us for realizing them!

Char said...

your life sounds like something i would love. mine would involve living in the low country (a small island off the coast of north or south carolina...or georgia) and i would have a small cottage, a large shaggy dog, a man that i love (and loves me right back), plenty of family to visit, i would be a better baker and plenty of summery sunshine. maybe a small garden where i would grow my own veggies and flowers. and i would learn to paint on large canvases outside under a huge live oak tree.

Leann said...

Hi Cora

I'd like to be a copy cat and copy you - except the chickens (they kinda scare me).

Wishing you the most wonderful weeks my sweet friend.



That is quite a list. When I grow up I want to be old. Ha!

Marilyn said...

I would be a grammie too! And have the cottage by the sea and a country home full of antiques, beautiful gardens, cats, a dog, and chickens too. It is fun to dream.

Kelly said...

More than everything that you want to achieve, I admire you for knowing exactly what you want and what to work on...

I wish you well in all your endeavors in life which will surely be unfold slowly in this wonderful blog...

Traci said...

Oh Cora, I love this! I had really planned on never growing up - Peter Pan syndrome for a girl.
You are funny and so cute!

Christina said...

hi sweetness!
i truly adore this post. i So want to do one. Paula and living shabby~ i love them both.

Mama Holli said...

I love your dreams!!! Fly Mama Cora Fly to your dreams!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Cora~ I love that "Kitties" were consistent throughout your plan,
Is there room in your convertible for a gal who has a Paula passion for creamy butter. I promise to bring a butter infused treat along for the ride.

Sweet wishes,

Angie Berry said...

I love this post!! You would be looking good in a '66 ice blue Ford Mustang, I can see you in one now!! So many things in this post I love about you. You are happy and content with your life and it shows so well.

I desire to leave a legacy also. You have touched many lives through this blog as I've seen over the past months. I thank God that one of those lives is mine! Love you girl!