Friday, January 8, 2010

Making Baking

I can remember a time when I used to always say “I hate to cook”.  A friend I used to work with loves to cook and she’s a good cook too. She is the one who reads a cookbook like a novel. I always thought that was boring, odd, and kind of crazy. Now I understand. I finally figured it out. Back when I used to say “I hate to cook” was when I worked full time, took care of my family, cleaned, shopped, and did all the motherly and wifely duties one has to do. With all that, I had to cook the meals too…..therefore I hated it…I did not enjoy it at all. Now mind you, I do love to eat…so I cooked none the less so I could eat and so my family could eat too. But I still hated the chore and the clean-up was even worse. Well now that I’m retired I have found that joy of cooking that I once had when I was growing up and mama would let me cook…but I didn’t have to! There is a difference. Now, once again, I cook because I love to…I love to create. Jacqueline said that I have spoiled my blogger friends with all the recipes that I share with you here. I now have the time to explore new recipes, try new tastes, and try things I’ve never heard of.
The Experience* of cooking again! I also enjoy the recipes that are shared here in bloggerville too. I am however finding it hard to cook for only two of us now; you know the empty-nester syndrome thing…it’s hard. Sometimes I’ll cook so much that Jackie will ask me “who’s coming over to eat with us?”

I love to cook again. My friend would so laugh at me now!

I told you the other day that I had made bread…well I did and it turned out heavenly, 2 loaves of it too! You too can bake up some by finding the recipe here
 It started out something like this...
Using a dough hook is a must...until right at the end.
You really have to finish adding the last of the flour by hand.
Then you wait...wait...wait...and wait...
Then you wait some more...
All puffed up and buttered...and it was worth the wait.
 DONE !   The waiting is over.
Dumped out to cool...So yummy cool!
But you have to cut it while it's still warm... Oh my!
Then you serve it up with a homemade baked Southwestern Spaghetti Pie!
Yum! :)
I’m anxious to try other breads since I enjoyed making and baking these. So if you have a favorite recipe please share it with me!
"Making Baking"
Have recipe…will cook! No recipe….will stir up something!

Our Daily Bread ~ is our need that God provides us with each day.
 And He said unto them; when ye pray, say, Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth. Give us day by day our daily bread. And forgive us our sins; for we also forgive every one that is indebted to us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. Amen.
~Luke 11:2-4

My word for 2010~*Experience
I experienced cooking again
Note: in the photos above the wooden pie dough's Paula Deen's that Holly and Richard got me for Christmas.  You can find it at the all famous Wal-Mart! Blank on one side and the other has pie circles and measurements on it!  They got me the wooden roller too! Love it *swoon*!


Kamana said...

i love baking and have made various varieties of bread (i like herby ones or ones with somethign additional in them like olives or tomatoes or even courgettes or chickpeas), but do you know, i have never made a plain white loaf yet?

amelia said...

could you pass the bread please? :-) can I come over?
I hope you are having a wonderful day!!

Angie Berry said...

Yes, I agree with you. I hated cooking too because of work and all the other extras that came with being a mom. Still, I find myself tired on the 2 days that I do work. I secretly hope my husband will cook dinner on those days and he usually does... even if it's frozen pizza... it's better than me being in the kitchen because when I'm tired, cooking is WORK to me!

Yum!! That looks delicious!!

Char said...

i'm convinced there are few smells better than the one of fresh bread baking - maybe it's primal as it is one of the first things we as humans really 'made' rather than eating the grains and meat given to us.

that looks scrumptious. so does the pie - recipe please?

Caroline said...


That looks so so so good! And I love the way a home smells with fresh made bread...oh must be in heaven!

Dani said...

oh buddy! i love to eat. but i hate to cook. maybe one day when my kids are grown i will find some interest in it, but right now i'm content with letting my guy do all the work. when he goes on business trips, we're out of luck and basically eat out or starve! (; i'm glad that you have somethng that occupies your mind and heart and brings others a full belly! eat up!

Kilauea Poetry said...

So you decided to make bread! This looks positively delicious. I haven't made bread in awhile but this serves as an incentive- very nice, Regina-

Twyla and Lindsey said...

That looks so Delicious! I can positively smell that bread! I don't mind cooking as much as I hate to clean up! Have a great weekend! Twyla

jacqueline said...

your bread looks so divine...yum! thank you for sharing!

The Little Red Shop said...

What a pretty blog you have! I love your header. Thank you for all of the yummy recipes and for following my blog and saying, "hello!"

: )

Julie M.

Southern Cinderella said...

The bread looks delicious! So does the spaghetti pie!

Sares said...

When oh when will they invent a computer screen that lets you smell the scents and pull whatever is on the screen through like magic! Then you could really cook for us all. I don't mind cooking, but prefer to bake! Hope you have a marvelous weekend and eat a slice of bread for me!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Today it's cold here - a good day to bake bread! The smell of homemade bread baking is worth all the fuss.

Susan said...

That bread looks wonderful! I love the smell when it's in the oven!

Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Cora, There is nothing like bread fresh out of the oven with the butter melting into it, oh yum! We can go through a whole loaf right out of the oven which is why I don't bake it all the time! I found my favorite bread recipe in a cookbook put out by VIctoria magazine (the old one) called "At Table With Family & Friends". If you email me at I'll send you the recipe. My family and friends love it:>)

A Life In Focus Photography said...

i love spaghetti pie! you are making me so hungry. thank goodness i have beef stew in the crockpot or i would be eating the cabinet doors!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

this made me kids asked me the other day what book I was engrossed was my cookbook! ha ha! I love to cook, but I am a better baker!! One can always dream!
Glad I stumbled onto your blog!

Christina said...

Swoon is right!!!!!!!
Cora are you sure i can do this? I mean I'm just not a baker, but I sure want to try this. and the spaghetti pie; ) Yummy I love that. Now that, can do. Okay, I'm just gonna go for it. I mean I have a mixer. ; )
Doesn't it seem like I am having a conversation, with myself?!! lol

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Cora~I agree...bread baking in the oven is the most intoxicating aroma!!
The only thing that can top it, is the first hot slice with butter and honey or jam. Don't forget to save some of that dough for pizza.

Pico de Gallo brings back such heartfelt memories for me. It was the all time favorite request anytime my mom and Pop were visiting.
It was "delicioso!"

Sweet wishes,