Monday, January 18, 2010

Love Lives There

I will be packing up soon to return to Alabama. I have been in Louisiana since January 11.
I’m ready to be home…home is where I need to be….I hope I am missed.

Home is where the heart is?

Home is where I plant my feet on good solid ground.
It’s where I blossom.
Love lives there.
It’s where I’ve sprinkled my special touch,
My unique aroma.
Home is where I hang my soul,
And where my shoes can be found next to the door.
Home is where mistakes turn into lessons.
And where God is ever present.
It’s a place where I cultivate memories.
My home is my safe haven.
It’s where I breathe.
And where I get on my knees and rest my soul.
I nourish my family and friends there.
My home has seen the worst of me and yet still welcomes.
A home is built not of material things, but of things from the heart.
 Yes home is definitely where my heart...and soul is.
It’s heartfelt.
It is me.
~Love lives there.~


When I say 'I am a Christian' I'm not claiming to be perfect.
My flaws are far too visible, but Jesus believes I am worth it.
Therefore He died on the cross for me so that I could be saved from those flaws.


Angie Berry said...

What a lovely picture!

I'm loving your rendition of home! That is so beautiful and so true. I so wish I could speak eloquently from the heart like you. Home and Family... my two favorite words!

Have a safe trip home!! Oh, and enjoy that seafood you're looking forward to! =]


Cora ,
Have a safe trip to home . It's important that you and your heart are in the same place. Blessings to you!

Char said...

love love love your suitcases!!! have a safe trip home - hope they enjoyed their trip. and yes, yum for the seafood

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

cora...loved the photo w/ur blog! I agree...i'm happiest when i'm home...i can't think of any other place i belong or feel more loved! safe journey friend!

cinner said...

I love the suitcases too. They reminded me of a picture Char had shown on her blog. I guess great minds think alike, I so know what you mean about home...something that beckons you from almost the time you leave it. Have a safe journey. Take care.

Sares said...

This is so beautiful. It is such a neat thought to think our home feels that way about us, and especially the people who live there. Have a safe trip home!

~Leslie Lemke~ said...

Thank you too for visiting my blog..isn't it so great to meet ladies that share our common interest...only if we could meet for real. I also hope that you entered your name for my upcoming giveaway, it ends this Saturday.

A Life In Focus Photography said...

hey cora! love the stacked suitcases! sending traveling mercies your way for your trip home, i can tell how much you love it, you are blessed!

Jenny said...

What a beautiful post. Just blog hopping and stumbled across yours...and I'm glad I did. It is lovely. Thank you.

Have a safe trip home!

amelia said...

Love this picture! I bet you are ready to get home- I am always ready to return home. I hope you have a safe trip :)

Anonymous said...

i know that you will be sleeping very comfortable in your bed. sweet dreams.

Christina said...

indeed, my friend indeed.