Thursday, December 31, 2009

Glimpses of My Past

Glimpses Of My Past 2009

Sharing with you
Conversing with you
Getting together with you
Creating with you
Taking photos with you :)
Discovering with you
Cooking with you
Giving to you
Praying for you
Being inspired by you
Celebrating with you
Swooning with you ;)
Walking through your home with you
Wishing with you
Learning with you
Listening to you
And holding your hand
May 2008 began my voyage into a world of photographers, then later bloggers, and I have made some awesome friends…all of whom I may never meet face to face or in person. But I have found that actually meeting them is insignificant. There are some wonderful, faithful, true blue, honest people in this new age way of encountering and making new friends. I hope to walk down the road with all of you in 2010.
Thank you for letting me share my view of the world with you and
for giving back to me through your heartfelt comments.

Leaving 2009 and stepping into 2010

From my heart and home to yours,
a peaceful Goodnight to you all.

I look forward to 2010 with you!


Christina said...

such a beautiful post. i loved connecting with you, on this beautiful journey. you have made me such a better person. have i ever told you that? well, it's true.

Dani said...

gee i love your photos! happy new year!

Miss Rhea said...

Lovely Photo's !! :) Happy New Year !!!

Sares said...

What a wonderful post Cora! Beautifully put. I hope the new year holds all things beautiful and blessed!

Caroline said...

I could write this post myself... blogging is quiet amazing! I wish you a beautiful New Year and look forward to your beautiful words and photos in 2010.

Susan said...

Many blessings for the New Year, Cora! One of the nice things about 2009 was meeting you!

Kamana said...

it is a pleasure to have met you here, cora and hope that 2010 is a happy one for you.

amelia said...

Happy New Year! I love how I have found such amazing people in the world, all over the world through blogging- with all of the web sites and blogs to come across, what a true blessing to have found you. Enjoy your day- are you and yours enjoying traditional new years fare?

Char said...

your photography is as warm and loving as you are Cora - just beautiful.

I'm happy to count you 'friend'

beth said...

happy new year !!!
the best to you as we jump into 2010 with our cameras around our necks....

Amy ♥ DailyPleasures said...

Truly breathtaking photos, Cora. I'm glad our paths crossed this year. Happy 2010!

Sew Fab Martha said...

I love how the mosaic blends your year in photos. Inspired to try one if I have the time.
Blessed to have you as a flickr friend!

jacqueline said...

i truly appreciate your friendship!! you are one of the reasons i continue to blog. thank you friend...look forward to many more talks in 2010.

Angie Berry said...

You truly are a sweet spirit Cora and I'm so thankful that God has crossed our paths! Thank you so much for the daily inspiration and uplifting photos. I have so enjoyed you the past few months! Thanks for being a wonderful blog friend! I'm looking forward to growing our friendship in the coming year!

I love your photo mosaic! It is truly beautiful... just like you!

Thanks friend, I love you! =]