Friday, November 6, 2009

6/30 Days of Gratitude

Life's Simple Pleasures
 6 {30}
I am grateful for the simple things. Simple things are life’s little beauties that sometimes go unnoticed and taken for granted. A simple weedy wild flower growing against a fence line that usually gets attacked with a weed eater by the husband. But if I get my hands on them first…into an old jar they go to be enjoyed inside the house. Simple. Take those simple moments to enjoy the small beauties all around us each day….
capture them for yourself…savor their loveliness.
As a child I remember picking pretty weeds to be taken to my mama. Later on I wondered why she loved them so….Now as a mother myself…I know why. There’s nothing like having a handful of beautiful
little weeds given to you by your child.
So Sweet …So Simple

Grateful for Life’s Simple Pleasures


Char said...

that is just beautiful - wonderful dedication to the simple things

Angie said...

As I have matured (notice I didn't say get older.. Hee hee..), I have found that I sincerely delight in small pleasures. I'm thankful that I've taught myself to slow down and look around. There is much to delight in. =]

My 4 year old son came running into the house today with his hand behind his back, so excited, beaming... only to hand me the ugliest, stickiest, nastiest weed I have even seen. They are adorable! You gotta love when they do something like that.

Again, thanks Cora for sharing. I am loving your words of gratitude! We are so very blessed!

Southern Cinderella said...

I love the beautiful picture! I always look forward to seeing what new pics you have! They are so good!

cinner said...

Lovely picture Cora, Dad always use to take us picking flowers for Mom when we were little! Have a great weekend. I like your dancing turkey. Very cool.

Christina said...

i adored the flowers, my babies used to bring me. the still bring them to me, just not dandelions. : )