Sunday, November 29, 2009

The 29th Day...

I am grateful for my camera. As I look back over my last 28 days of gratitude, I see that only a couple of them are for material possessions. Now don’t get me wrong….I do so appreciate all the things I have, but more important are those intangible traits and qualities that we cannot purchase at the store. I’m grateful that I have the skills and some knowledge of using a camera and having a good quality one so I can be creative with a passion that I love. Throughout this whole month of sharing my gratitudes with you; it has been a challenge…and having to pair that gratitude with a photo has been even more so. But I am also grateful to have been put to this challenge because it has opened my heart and mind to the realization of true appreciation.
So……I am grateful for my be able to share, to be creative, and preserve the present when it is also making me observe more.

This is my beautiful daughter Holly~a gift from God!
I am truly thankful for her!
Tomorrow will be the last and final day of the
30 day challenge of sharing my gratitudes.

No one can possibly begin to share everything they are grateful for in just 30 days….but if we continue to open our hearts and be ever so mindful of what we are blessed with…it will continue on through our lives.

I hope everyone is having a blessed and wonderful Sunday!


SE'LAH... said...

So wonderful to see such expressions of gratitude across blogland.

Lovely post.

One Love.

cinner said...

Beautiful, and you know your daughter is just beautiful, everyday I think of what I am grateful for. Take care.

cinner said...

I meant to tell you I love the new Header and the look. very very nice!

Anonymous said...

your daughter is so beautiful! it is so wonderful how you did 30 days of gratitude.

Angie said...

Holly is beautiful!! I love how her eyes really glow in this picture! Well done, Cora!

Christina said...

Holly is absolutely beautiful! Like her mama!

Anonymous said...

That girl is so beautiful...wonder where she got it!