Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Into The World He Came....

10.21.2009   4:35 a.m.   6.7 pounds  and  19.25 inches later….baby Evan has safely arrived. Labor Day began Tuesday 10.20.09 at 2:30 in the afternoon and lasted 14 hours…..14 hours of high blood pressure, vomiting, pain, mishaps and many prayers for mommy, daddy and baby!

The afternoon is gone and we were in for an all-nighter. 
As the night unfolded like this…

People came…people waited.....people went….people stayed.....people waited........

9:02 p.m. ~Who are all these people anyway?

11:15 p.m. ~Just how long does deodorant last anyway, does anyone really even know? Look there goes a baby boy….awe…so sweet!

12:00 midnight ~My hairspray finally gave in and said "I give up".  How long does it take for yesterdays makeup to turn into a new look….say a Halloween mask maybe? Ugh!

12:35 a.m. ~Just how many crossword puzzles and word searches can you do when your eyes start crossing. Loooooook…there goes another one…another boy!

2:05 a.m. ~"What’s so funny?"… "Oh I don’t know, what are you laughing about?"  "I don’t know either!" "Well why are you laughing?"--- I got so tickled at something ----Lord only knows now what it was---that I had to get up and go out of the waiting room….. Loooook, another baby boy…oh my, we are having a baby boy boom!

2:45 a.m. ~Why are the chairs in waiting rooms connected? Who thought of that dumb idea? And yet another boy…no wait,’s a girl this time! Finally a girl!

3:10 a.m. How long is it before your panties stink to you and you have to peel them off?

3:14 ~Did you know that you can effectively brush your teeth with your index finger and some toothpaste found in “daddy’s” overnight bag?

3:47 a.m. ~Who eats BBQ potato chips and drinks a Coke at this time of the morning? OMG…that goes against all the rules, especially after you have just finger brushed your teeth!

3:55 a.m. WE’RE PUSHING! Finally! Praise the Lord!

4:00 a.m. ~Why do you say strange, dumb, and somewhat funny things when you are sleep deprived?

4:15 ~How many pix can you possible get of family waiting and waiting, waiting, waiting…….?

4:26 a.m. ~Did you know that if you sit on the floor in front of those big double doors that it will cause labor to progress faster? It’s true according to “Nana”.

All in all and all through the night……I’m not complaining mind you. I was not the one in labor, I was not the mother, I was not the mother-n-law and I was not even the new “Nana”. I was not in pain, I was not pushing a baby, I was just the faithful good ole friend of Nana, there for the support, the laughs, the anticipation of it all and because I didn’t want to miss a thing! Jackie had went home just before midnight leaving me to get a ride home with my friends……all because I was NOT leaving until everything was safe and sound and I got some pix of Evan…..He’s so cute and little! What a blessing and a true genuine miracle! Thank you Lord!

Congratulations: Jason and Miranda, Ricky~aka Pawpaw, Becky~aka Nana, Aunt Katie, and all the other family members! This baby will not lack for some loving!

Baby Loves!

Disclaimer notes to protect me: The times of this all-nighter may vary by a few minutes, several minutes or even hours…who really knows and who really cares. I’m running off about 2.5 hours of sleep here! But I’m freshly showered, changed and wide awake at the moment! No names were changed to protect anyone, innocent guilty or otherwise.


holly said...

God love him!!! Evan is so tiny and so cute I just want to pinch him. Everyone better back up when Auntie Holly comes...haha....I can't wait to hold him Thanksgiving!!

Char said...

oh................he's so beautiful!!!

you are a very good friend

Anonymous said...

Flickr buddy cindylou3039 says:
so sweet so precious of a new baby!
I read your story and I belley laughed!! did you really brush your teeth with you fore finger???love the title and always know I will get a laugh when reading most of your post!!
love you bunches!

Anonymous said...

Facebook comment from
Carolyn Blank Graber:
aww... he's just beautiful... congrats to the parents..

Anonymous said...

Facebook comment from Kerri North Roycroft:
Cora~ I just wanted to say thank you for having the pictures up of Evan!! It's hard not being there and seeing everything unfold and being able to actually hold the new bundle of joy. Your pictures are wonderful!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Once again you have done a wonderful job! Even though we may not look good we are on cloud nine! So many people told me the feelings you would have with a grandchild but it is undescribeable...I can't wait for you to experience it too. You are a great friend and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there with me and for taking all these wonderful pictures of our little blessing from God! I love you.


Anonymous said...

Facebook comment from:
Sara Dunn
Ricky is walking tall today!

Christina said...

omgoodness! bless his heart. he is adorable.
i have happy tears.

beth said...

how fabulous how you documented this....and oh how I love a new baby !

Miranda & Jason said...

I cannot explain how much I appreciate you, Cora!! These pictures are priceless & so are friends like you! Evan truely is a miracle & I wouldn't trade a moment of this night/morning for him! Thank you so much for helping meant so much to know that you toughed out the night with us! We love you so much!!

Great-Aunt Debbie said...

Cora-What a wonderful job you did capturing these precious moments! Great Job!!
Congratulations Miranda & Jason you have a beautiful precious baby to love and adore. Can't wait to hold him!!!
Congratulations PawPaw(wow my big brother a granddad!), Nana and Aunt Katie!!!