Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Surprise!!!!!.....I Can’t Believe I Forgot….

My sister-n-law had a birthday last Saturday…..
I’ll be nice and not divulge her age….
My Mama turned 74 on Sunday, thank the good Lord. After a long battle of sickness since February, she has finally begun to act like her old self again. Proof those prayers were heard and answered.
Happy Birthday Mama!
Who plans a surprise 50th birthday party for their bestest friend and forgets their camera….ME, that’s who, the photographer in the bunch. I guess I would have forgotten my head too if it had not been so attached to my shoulders. They sort of like each other like that. All the planning and decorating went well for Saturday night…Becky was totally surprised. We pulled it off without a hitch, or slip of the tongue. She had NO clue! It’s nice to surprise someone…We decked her out in all the old familiar over the hill garb, with all things black and dreary. You know death is knocking on your door at age 50! Ha ha, I sure hope NOT!   I feel a few aches and pains now and again but as I always say “You are as young as you feel and act.” I’m still growing up everyday. Learning and rethinking life’s curve balls and detours. I’ve lived long enough to know that when certain things are set into motion you cannot stop the inevitable changes.
Anyway…..about forgetting my camera….I have no pictures to post for you :(   No photos of the BIG surprise. No images of Becky poking a huge piece of cake in her mouth. No pix of her decked out in flashy beads and skull heads…*funny*.  No opening of the many presents.  No pictures of the many smiling faces :) of family and friends and the grand table of food, food, food……People eating, laughing and having a good ole time. Close your eyes and use your imagination…..what can I say……..?
I have known Becky since high school, although we were not close friends then, we have been chummy dear friends for the past 29 years.
Becky will turn the BIG 5-0 today! Happy Birthday my dear friend who never lets me forget that I’m older than her! *(only by 42 days)* I always tell her, she may be younger, but I’m smarter and prettier!
And she loves me anyway!
Love and many more,


Char said...

sounds like a great time!!! I know she was so happy to have that surprise.

happy birthday to all :)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like it was a wonderful party! I hate that I missed it. I didn't get back home until after 7. I would really like to see ya'll. Maybe we can get together one Saturday for lunch.

Holly said...

Happy Birthday!!! I wish we could have been there for all he fun! We miss everyone! Loves!
P.S. I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT birthday! There are advantages to getting old.....a few (its better than the alternative)! It is times like this that you find out how many friends you have. I am thankful for my bestest friend Cora Sue, even if she is prettier than me but NOT smarter!!!! Thanks for all the hard work and to my many friends who were there or either called and wished me a happy birthday yesterday! I love you.

"Sweet 50"

Cindy said...


You must have the sweetest and most precious friend in the whole wide world!

hope you party was as delightful as told!
50 is not older just wiser right??

Happy belated birthday and your best gift is God and a friend named Cora!