Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dental floss on the Christmas list

All Things Beautiful
As every well minded person should do….shop with a budget and stick to the list. But you all know just how hard that is to do. I myself shop by a list just so I won’t forget what I need. I also shop by saying “Oh that looks good” or “I haven’t had that in a while” and into the buggy it goes. Only to get sticker shocked at the check out…and don’t you just hate those self check register thingies. Some how I always manage, the two times I’ve tried it, to get an item that will NOT scan. And to think that “self-scanning” took a job away from someone. Shame on the store.
My daughter and her hubby, Holly and Richard, shop using a budget and a shopping list too. They really stick to the list. They’re young and just starting out and will have their 2 year anniversary Sept. 22. They are really smart minded when it comes to their money. They found a new grocery store this week……it’s one of those that sells at cost plus 10%. Have you ever seen a couple in their 20’s get excited over a grocery store!? Oh my! Going through the store, Holly is the backbone of sticking to the list. But sometimes at the check-out and even after they get home, she sees items that were not on the list…RICHARD! So yesterday’s trip to the new store proved a little different. Richard would see something he wanted and asked if it was on the list, when Holly tells him no, he puts it back…until they get to the Pop-Tarts…."No honey, it’s not on the list" says Holly…."Well write it in on the list so I can put it in the buggy!" Richard bamboozles her! LOL…..he’s so stinking funny! That’s one way to get what he wants and then all he has to say is "well it was on the list."

Speaking of lists….they use a Christmas list too. They also provide us with a list to shop for them. Things on their Christmas wish list include wants, needs, and practical things.
Wants are the things they would not buy for themselves and pray that we will. The needs are exactly that….things they need. And the practical things are everyday things, like a gift basket of cleaning supplies, or health and beauty aids. They love it!

Holly has a teeth fetish…..Her perfectly beautiful straight white teeth have to be clean, clean, clean…therefore using and requiring lots of dental floss; dental floss in her purse, in her car, in the bathroom and in the kitchen; dental floss everywhere. Consequently…dental floss is on the Christmas list under practical.
As for Richard, his practical is body cologne and deodorant to cure his fetish of being clean and smelling good! The boy spends 30+ minutes in the shower, singing and drumming….. drumming on the shower walls. *Yes he has drums and once upon a time was in a band*….. But anyway he’s clean…spick and span and mighty good smelling too!

These things are all good things, practical and smart things and sometimes funny.

Remember to stick to your list and if it’s not on there…add it!

Happy Flossing

PS…I bought me some Pop-Tarts this morning…strawberry without icing! Yummy
And about the photo's part of my series "Saying My ABC's"  Joy is for "J".....spread some.  


Holly said...

Thanks for talking about us on your blog! Richard is so funny and keeps me laughing everyday! I love him to death! Enjoy your
Pop-Tarts! Remember the list!!!!Loves you Momma!

Char said...

:) my youngest nephew plays the drums too

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

What a beautiful blog! I'm shopping today; I am tempted to try your list suggestion, but I'm afraid I'll see something I HAVE to have!!

Yolanda said...

I love this photo. I hope you had a wonderful time in NO, La. Where in Ala do you live? I grew up in NE MS.