Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nifty and Thrifty

Holly and I shopped the local thrift stores in the New Orleans area during my visit with her…….we found some great stuff. I like the simple things…things that I can recreate, repaint, repurpose, etc…. I also have a great love for retro and vintage items. Here are a few of the items:

This vintage doll bed with the cute little cow decal is filled with wooden items which will be repainted and repurposed and the metal tray…….another Santa Cookie tray to be made! (See earlier posts)

The old bowls….oh how I love them! Beautiful junk beauties themselves!

Christmas…..it’s never too early! The large jar has a clasp sealed lid, great for gifting homemade cookies and candies at Christmas. The green muffin tray will become a multi candle holder…country style! I’m a collector of metal cookie cutters. I love them and you can do some much with them from decorating your Christmas tree to displaying in your country kitchen. You may even want to actually use them! I found the giant snowman and also a giant Santa.

Junk junk junk…..all kinds of junk. The missed matched saucers and tin cupcake holders will become candle holders after adding old silverware for a handle. I am currently working on this project to sell them at local craft shows. Oh the love of junk and how your imagination can run with it.

Cookbooks, cookbooks, cookbooks…galore. I bought several, but this one is my fave, Williams Sonoma Grande Cuisine. It originally cost $24.95. I purchased this beautiful hardback, in perfect condition for $2.92!! There is one thing I require of a cookbook….a photo of each recipe, and this book as photos of each one with most of them full page! How grand is that? Loving it!

So here's to happy thrifting! May you find the treasures of your own heart. It's true what they say.....One's trash is another's treasure. Let your imagination run wild.

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Char said...

wow - you found some really cool stuff. I love the old cups, saucers and tins