Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My baby bluebirds learned to fly yesterday. When I went out to visit my garden I did not notice Mr. & Mrs. Bluebird making their usual rounds with food. As a matter of fact I did not see them at all. While inspecting my vegetables, I listened.......I could hear baby birds in the woods next to the garden. I knew that sound! It was my babies...and then I heard mom and dad sweetly calling to them. This went on the whole visit in my garden, making me smile...I felt like a proud parent. Today as I went out to pick new squash....it was quiet, a lonesome sound......I can't wait until the next couple moves in and I hope they have lots of children!
I'm leaving Saturday for Lousiana, going to visit my daughter for the next two weeks. Her husband will be out-of-town for some USCG training, so we are going to hit the thrift stores and do some old southern plantation tours. Hope to take lots and lots of pictures!
Blessings to You!

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Char said...

yay!!! your blog is looking fabulous. You know I love your work and now a blog to go with - wonderful. Hope you enjoy it too.